Monday, December 1, 2008

Garbo Does My Dishes

Well, not exactly, but she kept me company in my kitchen The Day After Thanksgiving. And now we know why she never made public appearances. Seeing the state of my kitchen scarred her for life. But she did provide a memorable performance as I washed the umpteenth sinkful that had piled up despite my attempts last week to wash-as-I-go.

*I* am the dishwasher...

Jack had to work. I needed to wash. Sometimes I make it a game, but sometimes it's simply Ugh. This was one of those times.

I hauled my daughter's TV (the one that has a VCR tape thingy built right in) right onto the countertop and fished through a stack of old taped-from-AMC-back-in-the-day tapes to watch. I'm on an old movie kick right now, and we're not renting, nor do we have TV reception or cable (our choice, no complaints). I was in the mood for some company...and Greta showed up. (Not one of her smarter moves, ha)

She peered down from her queenly perch atop the one clear space in my kitchen and surveyed the dishware carnage below. She quickly grabbed for her bouquet of camellias to cushion the assault of her delicate sensibilities.

Oh drama queen of drama queens, she involved me in her intrigues, as my drying rack filled up and emptied time and again. (That's ok, I was up for it...I'm the mother of a daughter just past her teens, after all.) There was much movement on my part, a lot of scrubbing and suds flying and refilling of the sink with more water...and more dirty dishes.

This went on for some time, till both of us were a bit exhausted...she, of her Cukor-induced plot twists and I of my bottomless sink.

I got a lot done, but in the end, there were still more dishes. And you know what happens if you leave ANY dishes in the sink till have to cook more food and then it begins again.

Tragedy, or comedy?

I laughed. Garbo didn't. Her Marguerite character died rather over-dramatically right there on the spot, of consumption, in the arms of her beloved. Though I have my doubts.

I suspect my kitchen was what did her in. Maybe there's only room for one heroine at a time in here.

I'm going to find out.

Yes, there are more dishes awaiting. I go now to the tragedy/comedy that is my kitchen sink...again. And I take some more old VCR tapes along as company. After all, I haven't yet killed off ALL the old silver screen greats...who will it be this time? So far I've made it through Greer Garson, Lauren Bacall, Mary Astor, Bette Davis...who else?

So many drama queens, so little time!


Joanna said...

Garbo would want you to have an automatic dishwasher!

The free tableclothes are really pretty, I want to see pic's after you get them placed around.

Shelby said...

I agree with Joanna. I detest dirty dishes.

Wrensong Farm said...

It's so nice that G. Garbo decided to keep you company...dishes and all! :) They'll all be fighting who will be next to keep you company!!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

She's one of my all time favs. Was that Camille? My fav movie was Ninotchka, I love to see her laugh. What a classy lady she was!

Robbyn said...

Joanna, lol, yes she probably would!

Shelby, I don't like them, either. :)

Wren, my husband actually broke down and washed a few sinks THAT is a state of emergency, ha!!

Nola, it was Camille...I'm making my way through a bunch of old VCR tapes that somehow never got labeled correctly and you have to guess what you're getting. I thought it would be a good thing to make our way through them as we can so eventually I'll know what I have :)