Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Place to Thaw

Jack and I went for a relaxing beach date late afternoon's one of our favorite places to walk and just spend quiet time together. If you live in a snow-laden climate and need a place to go thaw, come on down...the weather's in the mid-70s. These pics needed no color retouching...

The sunset paints impossible palettes across the sand and water, colors and textures that you just sit there and try to drink in. Vast, and yet beautiful even in the smallest grains of sand or shell detritus strewn like glowing confetti

It's brushed clean by each incoming and outgoing wave...just waiting for feet to track across, like newfallen snow. Just warmer...

Mauve, gold, salmon, kisses of foam, litters of tiny shell peppering the drifts

pelicans at play, slowly stroking the air currents with their awkward wings, diving, feasting, bobbing along, preening. Repeating.

Sailboat far out on the horizon, a fingernail of sail scratching a curtain of orange horizon

Foam whispering "Shhhhhh" over molten waterlines

Pathway to the sunset

Matelasse quilts of foam in constant motion

This was the point just before the sun sank below the horizon. The clouds were magnificent! Just when the light is only a stripe of incandescence before disappearing, if I'm with Jack, it's time to kiss!

God's handiwork is so lavish, it's amazing to me, new again each time ... shehecheyanu

There are these moments of perfect wonder, and they're not limited to warm beaches. We are collectors of the moment, witnesses of a world we cannot control, fierce beauty, painted with large strokes and the smallest of details. Stunning and raw. A garden we inhabit.

Baruch atah adonai eloheinu melech ha'olam shecheyanu v'kiy'manu v'higyanu lazman hazeh.

Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has kept us in life, sustained us, and brought us to this moment.


Pam Croom said...

Lovely Gulf shots! Looks like you enjoyed your day! I do miss the squadrons of pelicans cruising along the waves! Thanks for the pelican shot.

Country Girl said...

Beautiful pictures!

tina f. said...

You have such a way with words! Beautiful pictures too. You are so talented. Keep it up!

earth heart said...

What stunning photos. Absolutely gorgeous and so tranquil. How wonderful to be able to enjoy this kind of beauty and wonder. Thank you Robbyn for sharing.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

What a beautiful, thought-provoking post! You need to frame some of those photos, girl! I can't believe you get that view. Envious here!

One Acre Homestead said... I'm dreaming of our annual summer treck to Surfside Beach, Texas...I can't wait! You've captured the ocean so well in your photos and words. Beautiful.

Killi said...


Ottawa Gardener said...

I would love to come on down. Colour retouching, hmmm... if I were to turn our snow buff coloured... nah, I'd look like I was in a dessert, which is roughly how it looks. A dirty white landscape.

Robbyn said...

Pam, Kim, Tina, earth heart, Brenda, One Acre, Killi, Ottawa,

Thank you for your wonderful comments :) I've been looking through some blog today, and seeing all the white from up north. Can I just say the snow and ice are stunningly gorgeous?? Such beauty all around us...arent we rich??

Come down here to thaw, if you ever can...the heat is oppressive in other times of year...I might be trying to migrate then to milder climes...but boy, don't we all have such beautiful sights to see? Thanks for sharing it with me :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Robbyn, Your beautiful descriptive words carried me far, far away. The beauty of the photos cooperated perfectly with your text.
This post would be lovely in a poetry book.

What a blessing you are for me today, my friend.

New Mexico

Stephany said...

Wow, those are beautiful!