Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RoundUp Ready Sugar Beets

One thing that is appalling is how those who are genetically altering our food plants (or any plant, for that matter) are currently NOT held to those same Truth-in-Labeling standards that have been hard-fought and hard-won on other fronts.

Do I smell a Monsanto...???

They fight to protect their "right" to NOT label products that include their genetically modified substances right there in our supermarkets. So honestly, there's really no way of knowing if that can of veg is GM or not.....or the taco shells....or nearly anything, truly.

Why would there be such a vested interest on GM corporations (such as...oh, Monsanto...) to keep from labeling these things?

Easy...so the effects cannot be tracked and there would be no liability. Why should liability and tracking be any concern?? BECAUSE THE HEALTH EFFECTS ON HUMANS HAVE NEVER BEEN THOROUGHLY TESTED. What you don't label, you don't know is there...

Now Monsanto is trying to corner the market by genetically modifying another vegetable of world-wide consumption...sugar beets. The European market is more vulnerable to this development, since they traditionally utilize sugar beets on a greater scale than Americans.

Please read Pat and Steph's post at Bifurcated Carrots on this development, as they note that potential contamination could be imminent on a world-wide scale.

Another excellent post is at the Seven Trees blog post, where you can read about this in depth. Here is a brief quote from the article:

"The sugar produced will be mixed in with other types of sugar, unlabeled and untraceable. You couldn't avoid sugar from Roundup Ready beets even if you tried.But David Berg, president of American Crystal Sugar Co., the country’s largest beet sugar manufacturer, is confident that food processors will accept GM sugar. “We have not run into resistance...”

There must be a way to get the laws changed SOON to make EVERYONE subject to the SAME truth-in-labeling laws, ESPECIALLY in the experimental and un-tested field of Genetically-Modified Foods and Feeds.

There MUST.....


Patrick said...

One of the problems we have here in Europe, where there are some rules about labeling and such, is food companies just lie.

For example, organic livestock is supposed to not be fed any GM feed. It's known however that about 20% of all feed labeled as non-GM is mislabeled, and there is intentionally no testing or other quality control.

So if for example you want GM free meat or dairy, they tell you to buy organic products, but the organic products aren't really GM free either.

These food companies really just exist above the law.

Robbyn said...

Patrick, what can the public do to change that, so that they are not above the law and that public is fully informed? If we can't stop the companies, can't they at least be held to the same standard the makers of other foodstuff ingredients are held to?

TOCCO said...

O My Gosh.... Monsanto is driving me nuts. I have no idea how to organize a campaign against them. If anyone knows of groups or organizations trying to stop them let me know! I will gladly support and all efforts against them!

Robbyn said...

Christina, there is a campaign organized through the Organic Consumers Association...the link is http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfm

I need to educate myself as to how they specifically address the particular issues with Monsanto...there are so many, many things to address!

The Barber Bunch said...

I always learn so much from your posts.

BTW..... I did drill holes in my buckets.


Patrick said...


As lame as it sounds, I think the public could best learn to garden and grow their own food. Either that, or people really have to get used to the idea they should buy their food from a local farmer they trust.

In the US you have a lot more trustworthy local farmers I think. Here is Europe a lot more people are growing their own food, especially in the UK. However painfully slow it may be, change is coming...

ilex said...

Just when we all needed another reason to fear Big Ag, I read the other day (wish I could remember where) that 98% of seeds are grown and distributed by Monsanto and their ilk- even most seeds for home gardeners come from these sources. There is no way of knowing what's lurking in the seeds we buy, unless we buy from open-pollinated, heirloom seed companies such as Seed Savers Exchange.

But even then, I worry about pollen drift...

Razor Family Farms said...

I was going to mention the Organic Consumers Association but see that you have already done so.

The best way to avoid these horrendous label issues: don't buy anything that you don't know where it came from. Order your flour from a local mill, make your own and grow your own of everything. Use sorghum and molasses instead of sugar -- work to keep from supporting these monsters.