Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Favorite Nightlight

...besides the stars, or the moon...

...our Betta tank. These two fellows joined us a couple years ago, after I succumbed to my Animal Rescue urges on a small scale.

( I apologize for the picture's my fault, not my camera's)

Never, no never take me to the pet store. Or the pet section of any store. Especially where you see little plastic bottles lined up...the Siamese fighting fish, or Bettas, occupying their tiny jails, limply biding their many hours of boredom broken only by occasional surges of male showmanship in which they flare their gills and go into defense mode, veils extended in full glory...and then back to limp and nearly lifeless.

I don't care what anyone says, fish have personalities.

The blue one is my daughter's and the red one is mine. Some things in this world are for beauty, and these are what our two rescue fish bring to our days. At times, we'll leave the tank light on at night in the dark...such a beautiful sight.

1 comment:

Twinville said...

Good for you and your daughter rescuing these beautiful fish.

I agree about the personalities and how sad to see these bettas lines up in tiny plastic cups waiting for a better environment one day. sigh.

I had one many years ago and enjoyed him immmensely. He woudl always come up to the top of the water when he saw me walk in the door and would blow bubbles and touch my finger.
Sometimes he would flip out a bit from excitement, and one day, he did that when I wasn't home...but my cat was.
My poor fish flipped out of his fish bowl on the wall and fell to the floor. And that was the end of him.
I was so sad.

I'm glad your bettas bring you so much beauty and joy.
Maybe I'll find a little spot in my heart to consider bringing another one home one day.