Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little Conversations on the Prairie


Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

I use to love this show when my kids were little. :)

Razor Family Farms said...

These always crack me up. I sit here just a-giggling and the dogs are looking at me so funny!

We’ve had some pretty rotten storms lately and I’ve been unable to spend much time online. I've missed you! Our Sunsetter awning got crunched by the torrential rains and winds. I had to call them and get it replaced. Thank goodness it was still covered! Josh and I decided to buy their 5 year extended coverage plan. It seems like a pretty good idea.

Tomorrow I'll go and work at a friend's country store and post things on Ebay for her. She's very excited about becoming an Ebayer!


Robbyn said...

Mrs. K, I liked it, too :)

Lacy, heya girl! hang tight with those glad you can get your awning fixed under warranty. Good luck with getting your country store friend on Ebay..what fun! :) (Love your new bunny, btw)

earth heart said...

I am cracking up over this! Keep 'em coming!

Robbyn said...

Earth, thanks :) sometimes I think of something and sometimes the well runs dry. This last one was unfamiliar to my husband and wasn't his favorite...his favorites are the cow-tipping the buffaloes one, and the hornet's nest pinata.