Monday, January 21, 2008

A Whole New Meaning to the Phrase "Radio Programming"

I've heard it now multiple times, and that's saying alot since we're very media-minimalist around here...we don't get TV broadcasts and seldom listen to the radio except when in the car.

Even so, now I've heard this multiple times. Remember the good ol' "public service announcements"? Something critical it was timely to air via radio waves for the public good??

Who out there besides myself has heard the recent "public service announcement" (that's what they're calling it!) called "a Bio-genetic Minute"??

A man's soothing voice introduces the topic of bio-genetics by reassuring The Public that genetic altering has been happening now for thousands of years, and that the recent "advances" in science have allowed for remarkable strides in producing foods that are resistant to all those baaad badddd things out there. Biogenetics good! Resistance to Progress bad!!!


It infuritates me!!!

THAT on top of the announcement I heard yesterday that just this week The U.S. food regulator this week sanctioned cloned foods (See article HERE)


This is the SUBSTANCE production from cloned matter born of chemical soups, and transgenic animals (Transgenic animals, i.e., engineered to carry genes from other species)

I'll elaborate more soon, but our futuristic nightmares compound daily. Exponentially out of control.

Something has to be done. Is it too late??

One thing we can do. We can be the resistance who refuses to participate as much as possible, mostly by taking control of our OWN consumption and production by getting our hands on our OWN food and growing it ourselves. Until that becomes somehow against the law...

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