Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It Ain't Over till...

it's over? Or till the Fat Lady sings?

If I thought that last one would work, I'd be doing my very best Mrs. Miller rendition!

Don't you HATE having to exercise CAUTION in being soooooooo sooooooo SOOOOOO close to seeing something wonderful, something that has occupied your dreams and prayers and much much work, begin to near completion??

I won't spill, but I'll hint...

The land-acquiring process for us (and all our various confines of money and such), has gone something like this:

Drive, dig, research, more driving, days and days and weekends of driving, dig dig dig, eliminate the impossibilities, get a little down in the dumps, shake off the dumps, get inspired, repeat entire process several times, window of opportunity, hopefulness!, more research, more eliminations, countless conversations, interruptions, more interruptions, will this ever happen?, possibility!!, N-E-G-O-T-I-A-T-E, and

SPLASH!!! Big dash of cold water as this particular ALMOST HAPPENED doesnt.

But we're resilient, ever vigilant, completely dogged and determined. We pray. We keep on keeping on because...well because the alternative is to live a life less in sync with our life goals. We rack it all up to God's perfect timing, which it is. All the Not Yets are hard to be thankful for, for at least the first few moments after they don't work out.

There have been a LOT of those, but the anticipation builds and so does the excitement...if, after all that process, there might be a couple of possibilities that HAVENT fallen through yet.

The more the suspense builds, the more we're invested in hoping that the dream will soon be concrete. Hope swells! And dread...of it falling through again...well, that's what tempers my ability to leap to big whoops of joy just now...I just can't till...um...the Fat Lady Sings.

I hope she's warming up. I don't even care what she sounds like.

But if you hear a loud and unusual noise coming from this part of the world, and wonder if it's a sign of the Last Days, it's likely just ME...in the event that ONE OF THESE THINGS works out!!! Me, not having to be cryptic, and careful, and reticent about REALLY SEEING THIS HAPPEN, FOR REAL!!! Me, at the top of my lungs, being unrestrained and LOUDLY thankful, for all the world to hear, and not necessarily singing in tune!

And until then, I do the necessary homework involved...





on my fingers


counting the minutes till we Know For Sure

or days

or weeks

and so on

till it's time to know something and I can run wild like a screaming heathen and tell the whole world.

And till then the Fat Lady waits. And hums :)

Plus, when the day comes that it's actually "over," it'll really just have begun, eh? :)

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