Monday, January 28, 2008

Some More Greats: Blogroll

As always, I'm remiss on catching my blog up with all the ones cached in my Favorite Places folder. I have a lot to add here, so if you don't see your own blog name on the sidebar, it's likely just a plain old oversight on my part, or part of my procrastination.

There are four, however, that must go here before any more time passes. If you're not already familiar with them, I know you'll soon be loving them as much as I do! These are all people I wish I had for neighbors...the distinction of these 4 particular blogs is their emphasis on family and home. Each one has really invested in the success and the particular uniqueness of their family, and are solution-finders with warm and inviting home lives. Their homesteads are as unique as they are!

Mommymommyland is a daily stop of mine. This young family with 4 children is Jewish, fun, conscientious, and has just purchased a 60 acre farm! They have big plans as they make this transition, and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds for them in days to come as they see the beginning of a dream realized :)

Pile of O'Melays is another family you'll wish were just down the road. Another family who truly loves their children and really love BEING a family, and homesteading together. It's not a fantasy world, it's a real account of the nitty gritty ups and downs of homestead life as experienced by the whole family. Seeing the pictures of their family meals made completely from their own garden has really encouraged us that it IS possible, and worth the elbow grease!

DownToEarth is another must. Rhonda is a woman who truly cares and has so much practical wisdom about everything from household basics, to frugality, to the utilization of edible unusual or native plants, to crafting wonderful creations (I especially like her soap, and hope to try making it sometime soon). Her warmth and intelligence is evident, and I like the way she and her husband utilize permaculture principles. But mainly, as with these other blogs I'm mentioning, I just LIKE this blog!

LaFermeDeSourrou is a family of two (but really so many more since they're in such a close-knit community) who live in the French countryside in a home partly renovated and partly hand built. They have integrated many concepts, making most everything themselves, and their blog is SO full of beautiful pictures and information chronicling their many efforts. I love the house and the potager gardens, the chickens, the instructions for curing meats and cooking in a fireplace...and so much more. Enjoy! Update: Oops...I stand corrected! The house is completely owner-built; so authentic in detail that it looks like traditional craftsmanship that has stood the test of time :)

Ok, there will be another blogroll update forthcoming, but I'm still on a wacko work schedule, so that's all for just now. I sure don't mean to leave anyone out! Over and out, till the next little break :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! I am waiting in anticipation for what happens next as well! :)

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Lovely to meet you Robbyn !!

Thank you so much for recommending my blog - I'm really honoured. I love yours & I'll come back for a longer look at your older posts soon and I'll go now and look at the other blogs you've mentioned too.

Yes, wouldn't it be nice if we all lived just an hour's walk away from each other.

Oh, just one thing...

We didn't renovate the first part of the house, we built that too about eight years ago.

I suppose that's why it looks so old ! ;-)

rhonda jean said...

Hello Robbyn. Thank you for listing my blog, I'm really pleased you're finding it helpful. I already know Pile of O'Melays, and love it, so I'm going to check out the other two. Thanks for the recommendations.

karl said...

thank you for the kind words. i remember before we moved here. i read everything i could on what we might be in for. nothing came close to describing the true nature of a life choice of this magnitude. i don't believe that we fully represent the difficulty--i romanticize our life a bit. it keeps me going.