Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Husband Takes His Colds Very, Very Seriously

We seldom argue. I really love this man. Not to say that we seldom disagree, but usually we can manage basic adult communication skills, and we appreciate each other's viewpoint.

Which is severely put to the test when he is convulsed and in the throes of dire afflictions requiring all his attentions...and pleas...each of which is preceded with the word "Robbyn." (Yes, that IS my name)

But that's not how he SAYS the word.

It comes out, during these times of testing, as "ROOOBBBBBBBYYYYYYYNNNNN!!!"

Many, many, many times in a row. The suffering can be heard. Neighbors weep out of compassion. The stars realign. Flocks of migrating birds are knocked out of formation. The earth shifts in her orbit.

I've endured, in my lifetime.
Pregnancy was no picnic, and natural childbirth is a memory I've chosen to keep repressing. Surviving junior high -- same category. Surviving my daughter's junior high, ditto. But you get the idea.

They, of course, are all eclipsed by the male common cold. I have the same cold, but as most know, it's not THE SAME.

Take your medicine, honey?

Can I get you some hot tea?
Put it over there. No, there. NO, THERE. It's too hot. It's too cold.

More Kleenex, sweetheart?
(Sounds of blowwwwinnggggggg, blowwwwinggggg, snuffle, snort, more bloooowwwwinggggg...) I can't reach the Remote.

In all seriousness, he looks pretty ragged and feels terrible. And so does Everybody Else...NOW...hahaha ;-) Ah, well, just a bit of teasing. I'm about to give him a good Vicks rubdown and roll him up tight in clean blankets like a tamale, and tuck him into bed.

And now guess who else is feeling so darned rotten??

My throat is swollen and I can barely swallow. My ears are infected. My head feels like it weighs 40 lbs. Not that I've ever really weighed my head before. (Now I'm wondering what my head usually weighs...a sure sign I'm addled and need to go directly to bed, do not pass hot tea, do not collect 200 dollars...)

Anyhow, this clip from YouTube made me chuckle. You may have seen it before, but I hadn't. Since I can't understand some of the words they're saying (seeing as they're not in American English - yes an oxymoron, ha!), yea, I do verily print this disclaimer if it's got offensive words.

I'm laughing all the way to the Nyquil... g'nite! I hope to write more relevent posts in the near future. Such as making patchouli bath salts from scratch. For someone else. Who likes patchouli.

For now, later... :)

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Stephanie said...

HA! That is great. Good to know it is not just American men who are such babies when they are a little sick! :)

FYI I've been reading that apple cider vinegar is a great way to kick a cold! Hope you both feel better soon!