Thursday, January 10, 2008

Black Market Hay

What the hay??

Is this the beginning of the great "Hay Underground"?? ( sheesh, wish that were funny)

I just learned that the ol' 'voluntary" NAIS has been successful in certain locales in stepping things up in myriad ways to enforce the "VOLUNTARY" registration of premises IDs...this time by dangling the tantalizing (er, survival-ensuring) prospect of hay to those areas severely affected by last year's heard it right...ONLY farms whose premises are registered. Uh huh.

Don't think these are harmless regulations. It means you DON'T get the hay UNLESS you register your farm premises. That's sort of like having to show your drivers license to buy food with cash, isnt it? Except with your drivers license they can't pull up a data base with a list of all the animals you own and all your movements on and off your property with said animals, tracking them by microchip. Yet.

You can't have hay for your animals unless you MANDATORILY sign up VOLUNTARILY???

Read Phelan's article about this here.

And if you have some hay for sale, see if any of your unregistered farming neighbors could use it...

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tina f. said...

How depressing is all that? If it really comes to all that I will have to become an outlaw. Or get rid of all my animals which would break my heart. It's the beginning of Big Brother. Not off subject, my fireplace had extra "kindling" yesterday!