Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Using Those Corn Tassels

If dealing with fresh corn, this will only work if you have pesticide-free corn to work with...

You know those brownish tassels, or corn silks, that adorn shucks of fresh corn? They make one terrific herbal tea.

I began using them years ago when I ordered some in bulk to custom-blend some herbs for my own herb teas. I haven't done that in years, but with all the fresh corn coming in in our area markets, I was able to save some silks myself.

The dried ones I bought in bulk appeared brown, and these, after air-drying them, retained their lighter color. Their effect is as a very mild, gentle diuretic...very effective but not taxing to the internal organs. Since there is hardly any taste, any other pesticide-free herbs or teas can be added for flavor, if desired.

There may be a more scientific way to do it, but I simply pour almost-boiling water over it and let it steep a minute, then sip. It works for me any time I feel I'm retaining fluid, and I never have had an adverse reaction. I don't pretend to offer medical advice to anyone, so please don't take this post as such. I'm simply sharing something very simple that works for me...and is as close as that ear of corn. I hate to throw away wonderful, nourishing herbals :)

(Later Note: Oops! I forgot to mention that I drink the liquid but not the tassels. It can be strained off, if desired )


Paulette said...

Oh, I love this idea! I love finding ways to use whatever I can and not waste. Can't wait to try it.
I love reading your blog, it's very inspiring, thanks for sharing.

Carolyn said...

Interesting. I have never heard of that. What does it taste like?? Corn??

Robbyn said...

Hi, Paulette, and welcome! Thank you for your kind words..hope you enjoy using your corn silks :)

Carolyn, they have a mild slightly fresh-corn flavor...not annoying but not especially tasty. It blends well with anything else you'd normally be making tea with, so I usually pair it with something else :)