Sunday, July 27, 2008


I was recently tagged by my blog friend Christina at CoffeeCoffeeCoffee to list 7 things about myself. Check out her site for news about Big Ag and GMO news, and for some really delicious organic coffees...thank you for the tag, Christina!

Here are 7 factoids, chosen at random...

1. I am Southern-accent-impaired. I've tried, but I can't fully get rid of my Mississippi/Tennessee linguistic roots. (But I no longer use the word "britches" and "cain't" in everyday language...heehee) The "y'all," though, is permanent, I fear. I can also spot a fake Southern accent a mile away, and chuckle at movies where the non-native actors try their hands at it ;-)

2. I'm horse-crazy, but have never owned a horse, and have only ridden one a few times in my life.

3. I'm a complete sucker for livestock, children, junk shops, decorating, used book stores, and gardening. And for my husband :)

4. When I cook, I mess up the whole kitchen. I don't enjoy cleaning it up, either. I've tried being tidy as I go, but it's like trying to make a cat have a dog's personality...just doesn't work for me :)

5. I don't like liver, aspic, tapioca, or most sweet potato dishes. I could eat Mexican, Indian, grilled food, or fresh veggies and cornbread nearly every day of my life.

6. I've eaten goat meat twice in my life. Based on how it tasted those two times, it's my favorite meat.

7. I hate wearing pantyhose and will do about anything to avoid it. I don't really like footwear in general and love being barefoot or in sandals. I've prefer wearing natural fabrics, even though they wrinkle and wear differently than synthetics. My body has determined these things for me...I seem to get more uncomfortable in synthetics the older I get.

Alright...I'm passing this along to all my readers. Yes, I broke the rules. Which makes me abnormal, a! (For other acts of abnormality, check out this site )

Here are the rules. So you know what to break...hehheh ;-)

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.


Carolyn said...

Nice getting to know you! :)

Razor Family Farms said...

I won't be playing the game. Nope. Every time I've tried to sit down and write factoids, my brain goes all wonky and nothing good spills out.

I love reading yours though!

I used to have horses and my husband has promised me horses again. Perhaps once we move to the Kentucky/Tennessee area in a few years.

Don't like sweet potatoes? Wow. I love them.

I like them grilled with just a little butter and a few raisins. Yum.


Robbyn said...

Carolyn... :)

Lacy, lol! I'm sure you could write a page and every fact would be fun and fascinating. Oh, I love TN and KY! The only reason we can't live there is because Jack can't take any sort of cold in the wintertime (or any time), or else we'd be holed up in a cabin in the mountains! You know, I do like sweet potatoes if no sugar is added, such as baked with butter. The way you described it grilled actually sounds good. I just dont like the typical sweetened ones like sweet potato pie or the sort of yams with those marshmallows melted over the top. My husband, however, LOVES them...

Twinville said...

We have a few things in common #2, #3, #5 and #7.
I'm horse-crazy, too. But I finally have my own....after waiting 42 long years! hehe

I enjoyed learning more about you, too :)

TOCCO said...

Thanks for playing.... I really enjoyed reading your factoids! Christina

Killi said...

I'm not playing, but I'll leave you 7 random facts here:

1)When I completed my music degree I could neither play nor sing

2)My dance training started on ice

3)At 8 months carrying my 2nd child I was clogging in a pan-Celtic Festival in very hot Lorient

4)I retaught myself knitting & taught myself crochet after being left hemi-plegic to make up for the fact I felt I couldn't draw any more

5)Although I no longer work as one, I'm still librarian to my own books & am slowly DDC classifying my collection

6)I sang in Welsh on a cliff top in Krym for a Russian Ukrainian & embarrassed him by dancing barefoot to an accordionist on the sea front in Yalta

7)My great (I think, might be gg) grandfather & his brother married American sisters after travelling out to the States, but my great grandmother has 2 places of birth & my maternal great grandmother doesn't exist

Are those random enough for you?