Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Need Some Good Sources for Bulk Quantity Apple Cider Vinegar

Calling all animal-care veterans out you have a good source for quality Apple Cider Vinegar in bulk?

I've read so many sources that mention its benefits in animal care across the board, such as in chickens' water, and in cattle feed or water as a fly prevention ( I've heard flies won't bother as much with cows who regularly eat/drink things supplemented with ACV) and mastitis treatment & prevention. It's said to improve the digestive process and stimulate the animal’s appetite by lowering the pH in the gut, and lowers somatic cell counts in dairy cattle. It's said to be good for nearly every sort of homestead animal, such as poultry/sheep/cattle/dogs/goats, as numerous testimonials such as this one attest to. It's also good for people, and our family is beginning to take daily doses of it for our own health.

Does anyone out here have first-hand experience using it, and if so, do you have any good sources where it can be ordered?

Thanks for your help! This could be expensive if we have to buy the smaller quantities...


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Well, I will be interested in the reponses that you get to this. I've found that information on ACV is very similar to info on De (Diatomaceous Earth) - there is a tremendous amount of urban and rural lore about its uses, abilities, etc.

I've really been wanting to give ACV a try, but one thing is stopping me. I read some authoritative source a while ago that said, it is NOT the kind you generally buy in the grocery store - it is the unfiltered, unpasteurized form that one wants. But where does one get that? And I think there's a different acidity level, too, needed, but I've read conflicting reports about that. Don't mean to confuse you, though. :-)

Twinville said...

We just a big bottle ourselves and will be putting some in our chicken's water. Do you know if it's also good for horses...and if they will readily drink it?

I've read that it acts as a wormer for sheep and goats, too.

If you find a place that sells bulk, pass it on, k?

The W.O.W. factor said...

Imagine your post today! Incredible...JUST yesterday, I mixed some up in a spray bottle for the horses. We will see...Some years back, when we first heard about it for fly protection, we did put it in their water troughs. (can't remember the portions) but they did NOT readily drink it, so lessened the amount and still did not seem to work. Yesterday, I had a brainstorm, thinking maybe if we spray it on them...Will let you know in a few days!

Razor Family Farms said...

Well, my grandpa let the cattle eat fermented apples (basically hard apple cider) before loading up to go to the butcher. The meat was WONDERFUL!!! Tender and flavorful! The secret? They were drunk.


Sorry to disappear. Josh is home on leave and we've been filling out stacks of paperwork for the adoption.


Carolyn said...

I don't know of any. But I will be ont he look out!

plantainpatch said...

I use acv in our chicken's water. I use the raw Bragg's brand I use for ourselves. After a while with raw vinegar the bottom can get quite cloudy and goopy from the mother in the bottle. I don't like to drink the mother or use it in salad dressings so I put that in the water. The girls don't mind a bit and are quite happy and healthy in their senior years. I only have a small city flock though.

Our local health food store allows you to buy by the case with a 15% discount. I haven't been able to find raw vinegar any cheaper than my local health food store.

Anonymous said...

I'd love a good source of ACV ~ if I were still in Somerset, no doubt I could find it, but not here in Ireland. A friend's husband had a cider orchard & let me have the cider he brewed. There was a cider farm 12 miles from me that was unlicenced for on-sales (selling cider for drinking on the premises), so he offered tasting by the pint or 6 & you brought a container with you to carry away the cider you purchased.

A poultry breeder in the East told me about ACV for chickens & said that he got the idea from William Cobbett's book from 1821-2 called "Cottage Economy". I've just consulted my copy & there's no mention of cider at all, which I suppose is not surprising as he grew up in beer country, not cider country!
I must read this book, cover to cover as it is supposedly the original self-sufficiency handbook, written before agri-chemicals, petro-chemicals, big business & as paper money was just making its appearance...

(PS, Amazon carries this book)

Country Girl said...

I have never heard about this, thanks for sharing! ~Kim