Friday, September 17, 2010

The Goodness of God

We are so grateful to God for so many things, and at the top of the list are our friends near and far, in person and on the internet.  It's been a really big encouragement to be a part of praying for specifics goals, dreams, and concerns alongside such wonderful people (you know who you are!)

This week we received a really big answer to one of our longterm prayers, the details of which need to remain private for the time being, but the acknowledgement of our gratefulness does not need to wait!  So YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to the realization of things Waited For and for special friends who have encouraged us and prayed with us about not only our requests, but theirs as well.  We rejoice with you at your every success, too!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who have lent an encouraging word here and for your prayers from afar...they have been heard and answered in wonderful ways!!

We, too, continue to pray for blessings for those we know here on the internet and closer to home as well. 

Tonight ushers in Yom Kippur, and we don't have time right now to write about its significance for those who keep its observance.  But it's a season of gratefulness and renewal and heart-searching.

YOU are our special blessing from His hand...thank you for coming here and making our lives richer for sharing yours with us.  We genuinely care and are very very blessed as a result.

We have such a wonderful God.  He delights in goodness, justice, renewal, mercy.

We THANK Him for His blessings.  They are too numerous to list.  May they extend to all the wonderful people we have come to know (you!) through this website and your own websites and comments shared.
Shavuah tov from our family to yours...

Jack and Robbyn


Judy T said...

Peace and blessings to you, my friend.

Robbyn said...

We're so glad to know you, Judy and Vernon. I'm spotty on my blog visiting time here, but we remember you guys in prayer often and please update us if there are any changes we can include...SO happy for His blessings to you this year!

Omelay said...

what a nice post.

Irma said...

I find such joy and peace in the way you welcome each Sabbath, never mind the high holy days. The way you describe them brings me to tears.

No, not a Jew myself, but I sincerely believe all major religions are striving towards the exact same thing, we have just interpreted the word of the Lord differently and I believe He smiles on us all.

So, please, Robbyn, if you think of it....pray for me on your holy days, and I will pray for you on mine. And God, in his infinite love, will smile on both of us.

Paulette said...

Blessings my friend, to you and Jack, and thank you for your encouragement and friendship. You are a true blessing to us, and as we all look forward I know there are wonderful things to come.

Kathie said...

Well, I just can't wait to find out all the details but in the meantime I'll dance with joy!