Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pot-holes Ain't Just A Mississippi Road Feature

This past week was a bumpy ride.

It's an amazing answer to prayer that I have employment now that DOES fit within our unconventional one-vehicle-sharing schedule.  This is such an timely and specific and welcome answer to prayer!

The fact that at age 44 I've embarked on something completely unfamiliar to me as far as a skill/career (don't really like the word Career) just means old dogs can hopefully sometimes learn new tricks.  Let's see.

This past week had some successes and some flops.  I am very aware of my inexperience and limitations.

The first day of work, Jack was supposed to get off his night shift at a particular time and be here at the house in plenty of time for me to use the vehicle.   He called an hour late to alert me that an emergency had occurred there and he'd be home in time, but later than expected.  An hour later, I touched base with him and he was at a repair shop because he'd had a blowout on the interstate close to our exit and had just gone straight to the repair garage to see what they could do...his donut was locked in and the tools to remove it were stolen along with the jack back when our truck was stolen a year and a half ago..we were unaware of that. 

Long story shorter, he could not get here in time, and I was down to the wire...first day at new job, arggggh!!!   There was no way I was calling them less than an hour before blastoff and telling them to find someone else and give a bunch of reasons, all of which were actual but none of which anyone cares about when you're a new employee.   STRESS  :)

So, game face firmly in place, I called a taxi.  It arrived late, got me there just in the nick of time, and thankfully the very first job assignment I had went very well.  It was a short one.  When both Jack and I were safely back at home a few hours later, we both felt like we'd run a sprint.

My second assignment, being trained for a particular client by another CNA, took the wind out of my sails.  In short, the job was more than a bit out of my comfort zone as far as my lack of experience.  It was very intimidating and left me momentarily asking myself later that night what in the world I'm doing trying to do this new job track at this point in my life, blah blah blah.  Then I told myself that Grandma Moses didn't start painting till she was in her 70s.


Then I said "if I want to ever afford paints again, I need to see this new job change through and learn it and enjoy it"

Dang it, Grandma Moses!


So I will, and this week I actually have jobs to's NICE to be employed!!!  I am SO ready for us to write out those remaining payments for debt and be DONE with it, so that is my Muse this week.  Still nervous, still got my game face on.  And ready to say No to any jobs that are truly beyond my abilities, but Yes to the ones I can handle.

Gee, I'm nervous.  I'll just grit my teeth as we bump over the pot-holes along the way.

And I'll look forward to that wonderful thing called "Paycheck Therapy"...oh yeah!

Got any stories for me of past job woes and successes?  Is there a particular one you're glad you saw through and any you are glad to never have again?

My least favorite EVER was the brief stint moonlighting on the side working for a drapery cleaner.  I was cleaning draperies in an un-airconditioned building in a Florida summer, working with a large steam press that kept breaking, endless nasty draperies filled with dust and nicotine, and sweating like I never have before.  But hey, it was a free sauna and brought in a paycheck, ha!

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Michelle said...

My mom was a fount of wisdom as I was growing up; my sister and I can finish each other's "momisms" because we both heard them often. Two of them related to work and have stood me in good stead. #1: If someone asks if you can do something (we're talking within reason here), say yes and then figure out how to do it. #2: The dread of whether of not you can do something is always worse than the actual doing.

Sounds like you are off to a good start. You can do this! God will help!