Saturday, January 22, 2011

Care Packages ROCK

What's more exciting than getting a box in the mail...chock full of awesome treats?  One of my long-distance soul sisters totally blew me out of the water by filling one of those pre-paid US mailing boxes full of things designed to make my heart sing and help gently nurture my body back into prime health.  There were several different packets of different dried sea vegetables (seaweeds/kelps and such of different kinds), none of which I've ever eaten and ALL of which I'm jonesing to try!  There was a jar of tahini, some wonderful teas, a smoked salmon filet (!!!!), and small marble mortar and pestle (!!!), a big container of xylitol (I can't seem to find any here) and a small squeeze bottle of agave nectar. A box of Indian spice.  And a wonderful personalized postcard with her picture (it's been years since we've seen each other) on it. 

Did I mention I LOVE SURPRISE PACKAGES??  woooo!!!

I love my friends even more than care packages, too.  THANK YOU, MJ, for the wonderful goodies, but even more for your friendship over the words can express it adequately.  And to those of you friends here, who have come to mean so much to me, THANK YOU.  If you've prayed for Jack and me and for my recent bronchitis slump to get better...I'm feeling better by the much better than even a few days ago.  I have met very few friends from here online yet, but I appreciate you all.  I am so grateful!

MJ, I did try that seaweed in some soup...the wakame...and it is wonderful!

Here's to brown paper packages tied up with string.

And here's to friendship!

Now...which tea should I drink tonight?? :)


Irma said...

For years my girlfriend Kelly and I have mailed each other little things "just because". There is never a reason for these gifts, except we are thinking of each other, and they are the VERY best thing to find poking out of your mailbox.

When I was in my scarf-knitting phase, I sent her a gorgeous, very warm organge scarf....even though she was living in Dubai! (Of well, she's back in Canada know so I guess that worked out.)

When I expressed an interest in worm farming, the crazy woman ordered me a complete worm farm kit. (Let me tell you how well THAT went over with Husbandly One!!)

More often, though, we send each other silly things. I could buy a Dairy Milk chocolate bar at any store in town, but to have one sent to me in the mail, just because she was in a playful mood? Bliss

Grace said...

Wow! You ladies have inspired me to send a care package to my mom from out of the blue. I'll be having fun deciding what to put in there. Definitely come home-canned blueberries, what else might she like? This will be fun.

Paulette said...

What fun! Personal mail is so fun to get, especially when it's out of the blue and unexpected. And what cool stuff!! What a sweet friend.

Robbyn said...

Irma...Jack and I don't really do gifts during the year-end holidays any more, truly. Spontaneous gifts throughout the year...awesome! LOVE hearing about you and Kelly having such fun across the miles!

Grace, wow home canned blueberries are so great!! Does she have grandkids? A note from each of them about what they love about Grandma, or a favorite thing or memory always makes grandmas happy, and updated pics. Girly items she loves, there are so many possibilities :) I have a friend who puts me on free seed catalog lists every time she orders one for it!

Paulette, it sure is, and emails are awfully fun to get, too :)