Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Person Who Invented Scrubs,


Instead of having a bad dream where you realize in the middle of everything that you've left your house in your pajamas...this is reality...

you get to wear your pajamas to work  EV-ER-Y   DAY!!!  

Sure, there may be a bad day now and then, but WHATEVER...

you're wearing your pajamas!!!

I'm so glad that you, whoever you are that invented scrubs validated pajama-wearing in the workplace by coming up with the term "scrubs" instead of "pajamas."


I mean, seriously...what other legitimate work wear featuring superheroes, cartoon characters, flowers, unicorns, candy-color solids...can be worn by qualified working adults in soft-soled shoes??  ( I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that question, actually)

Thank you thank you thank you, Person Who Invented Scrubs!!

Maybe in another ten years fuzzy pink slippers will be part of the uniform, too, woo!


Michelle said...

I've never had a job needing scrubs, but I have several scrubs tops, just because they are comfy and come in cool fabric!

tina f. said...

So glad for you! I really hope it all works out. Just don't you let it interfere with your blogging! lol

btw, the word verification was "fumprog". Just thought that was kind of funny.

Mr. H. said...

Your are so funny.:) Congratulations on the new job, how very exciting.