Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Okra Jawbreakers

Ok, the first attempt at dehydrating okra to make "okra chips" resulted in my not being sure how to achieve true okra chippy-ness.  But I did come up with some great okra jawbreakers, or mini Ninja throwing stars.  The upside is that okra truly dehydrates into great storage bits and can be added right into soups and such and will rehydrate.  Storing the dehydrated okra takes so little space it would really be worth it to do.

As far as edible snacking chips go, it looks like I need to invest some Edison lab time into further experimentation!  Maybe I'll puree it first?  Hmmm.   In the meantime, though, I'll try dehydrating other unsuspecting veggies that have prolific garden tendencies...Paulette mentioned zucchini, so I'll keep on trying things.  No veggie will be safe from the dehydrator around here for a while :)

Got any successes in this department?  I could sure learn from someone else's experience!


Irma said...

I don't know much abput okra (not really a staple in Canada!) but if you have trays foryour dehydrator that will accept pureed food, I think it's worth a try.

Another great dehydrator puree is potatoes. If you have storage potatoes going over to the dark side, boil and mash them (with no added anything except some water to make it really thin and spreadable. Dehydrate on your sheets for homemamde "instant mashed potatoes" that you can add salt, butter etc to later. No, they are NOT as good as regular mashed, but it's better than losing the produce entirely.

Wretha said...

I think what you might have tried in the past (okra chips) that were light and crunchy were freeze dried okra slices and not dehydrated, there is a huge difference. Unfortunately without a US government type budget you will probably not be making freeze dried okra chips or anything else freeze dried for that matter. But you can certainly dehydrate your okra and rehydrate them later use.


pilgrimscottage said...

Wish I could help you in that department but, every time okras are ready for picking, I eat them right away. Well, sauteed, anyway.

Anonymous said...

My husband just built a solar dehydrator and just in time, okra is in! Anyway, I will dehydrate these but consider using a brush of oil and a sprinkle of salt over the okra before dehydrating. I did this with zucchini. I sliced it as thin as my slicer will allow, brushed with oil and lightley salted it. Put this on the dehydrator and DELICIIOUS. My sister said to dehydrate the okra whole if you want okra chips.