Monday, March 22, 2010

This Was Worth Hearing

We spoke, they didn't listen.  Change, oh yes...November will see change.  And plenty of action before then. 

BTW we just joined the Tea Party Patriots.  I'm so laughing now...that's so NOT us...we're the Mind Your Own Business sorts.  But since the government now wants to get all up in our business, tell us how and what and with whom we'll do business and mandate it out the ears, we have to do something.  We're not right wing, left wing, or any fringe group sort.  We're your average folks who are fed up with party politics and who believe that the Constitution has to be enforced and the citizens of ye olde USA must be HEARD not HERDED.  It worries me little-to-none what names we average folks will be called if we don't "play nice" or just keep shutting up...shutting up and minding Ps and Qs never would have gotten this country its freedoms in the first place.

Look at all the levels freedoms are being challenged at the core.

Consumer choice in purchasing what WE determine WE need.
Registering farm animals...for "protection" against disease
DNA registry...already happening.
Mandatory enforced health insurance.  SO bogus and anticonstitutional.
Unregulated IRS.
Printing money we can't back with real worth.
Exploding our national deficit and our historical enemies now buying it up, already mandating the terms of our repayment.
Trying to further restrict our right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our property.
People who question these things now being slandered and called "factions" instead of patriots.

The list goes on and on.

Let's get busy changing things BACK unless we want a repeat of Castro's glorious New Cuba.


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The changes happening around are going to affect the common people thus there will be more kind of such stuff in future. The only hope is the new generation government which will take charge after around 10-15 years.