Sunday, March 21, 2010


We all know Washington can never resist an offer of free drinks.  Now it's open bar for everyone!
So raise your glasses high and toast the new Hellthcare Reform legislation.  Best not to ask a whole lot of questions.  (Mr. Obama might have to cancel another trip or spend another trillion or two)
+  Obama
 =  Constitutional freedom and privacy rights/medical freedoms suicide

Drink up, folks!  (Please consult your government representative as to your preference of cherry, grape or lime...)


Mr. H. said...

Isn't it great, here's my favorite part - INSURANCE MANDATE: Almost everyone is required to be insured or else pay a fine.

Yep, that big sucking sound is not only money but more of our freedoms swirling away.

Mel said...

The best is yet to come... Just you all wait 6 years until this so called Health-care reform goes to work for us.

What a crappy deal!

Gotta wonder, about those who just cannot manage without the Government's help.

Man, I hope, they don't start telling us how many sheets of toilet paper we can use, I need at least 6 or 7
sheets of the really soft stuff.

Meems said...

I'm just NOT willing to drink the Kool-aid.

I'm not giving up hope though! We have to stand stronger and firmer and get the corruption our of Washington.

CatHerder said...

its sickening isnt it? HOW did we let this happen?

Robbyn said...

Mr H, the freedoms we have been losing at the fastest rate in history since the penning of the Constitution is THE greatest concern I have with this. We've said from the beginning (Jack and I) when we heard about the mandatory healthcare, that it's something we DO have a religious reason to reject. We believe it's an individual's right to decide for themselves what they do with their body, and that includes decisons ANY decisions involving healthcare. It's not a borderline issue. We let this all slide when they began taking away personal privacy with the Patriot Act, then banning food rights like things such as the sales of raw milk. Privacy and the food supply are just the next steps to healthcare, which is now the next step to mandated things I bet we'll never have dreamed of...we never dreamed of this and it's happened...ARGGHHH.

Mel, either they'll recognize and enforce the Constitution and return some of these wrongs to rights, or we'll have to have civil disobedience somewhere in the progression to socialism, unless we WANT socialism in a very real way. Because we just found out that its very REAL possibilities can happen to us if we let them.

Meems, me TOO!!! This post was sarcastically tongue-in-cheek. I'm even getting paranoid about writing too much in a silly post because of the wide sweep of this Obama craziness and the fact they're branding folks who DO support the Constitution...branding us far-right whatevers, when in fact we're simply not a label, we're wanting the fundamental freedoms this country was PROUD to be founded on. I want to say more,but suffice it to say that YES, we're looking to get these folks OUT. And we're looking at options for ourselves that have just changed...our country just changed. UGH.

CatHerder...maybe it happened because of complacency on some of our parts, but I think the better answer is that we've usually relied upon the protection of the Constitution to insure something like this couldn't happen...after all it's not Constitutional at all. There has to be some foundation at the heart of a nation's laws...the Constitution is ours. If it's disregarded and treated as corruptible by corrupt people, THIS happens. Either we will find ourselves willing to enforce the Constitution and insist that this is unlawful, or we'll let them continue. No scenario is going to be easy. I think this is a fight for our foundational freedoms, and folks think the sound of a phrase like that sounds so over-the-top.