Friday, March 19, 2010

Public Servant

noun   1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an elected or appointed holder of a public office

...or what our elected officials are supposed to be.  If ego plays into the equation and our elected public servants forget that they represent us ...and they think we can't hear past the idiotic rhetoric, stonewalling, political intimidation, and arrogance -- they need to go.

If they mock our Supreme Court justice's decisions publicly, they need to go.

If they tell us that one plus one is not two, black is white and white is black, and that there is no clear line between wrong and right all things being relative, they need to go.

Mr. or Ms. career politician, if you don't remember who voted you in, you will go, your kind will go, and we will remember that you forgot us and that you believed our voice was weaker than your power.  We will vote you out.  Goodbye.

Better listen up.

If anyone else out there is like me, there are plenty of us with long memories.

I don't enjoy being dictated to, ignored, and seeing the majority of Americans being patently bypassed, especially when it comes to legislation that bends the content of our Constitution into a pretzel, blatantly, unapologetically, or for any reason/special cause.

If the fat cats in Washington think they're above voting the way the people they represent tell them to, they're out.  Dear Public Servant, YOU are not our government...WE are.  YOU are our REPRESENT.

If you don't, we will go out of our way to vote against anyone remotely smelling like you in years to come. 

But thank you...

Thank you for mobilizing Middle America, like myself.  You've helped breathe some life into those of us who were often mediocre when it came to engaging in the legislative and political process, in adding our voices to the cacophony we were so long convinced had drowned us out.  You have now sucker-punched us to wakefulness.  Our dissatisfaction with ALL our political predecessors within (at least speaking for myself) our own several decades finally spawned a determination to GET ALL OF YOU OUT if  you won't do what WE (the people...we, the boss) tell you we want.

Hope you're listening, Washington folks.  Listening to the people you serve, and not to your peers who are trying to pressure you to participate in power games at our expense.  We've had it with your bad reality show antics, your public circus made of circumscribing the content and intent of the Constitution, clubbing the skulls of your out-of-line party members like a bunch of Neanderthals, pressuring for illogical timeframes with inadequate facts and fact-finding, and your flagrant behind-closed-doors suspicious (and so very NOT transparent) collaboration...minus us...the American public.

So go head....

If  you think we're not paying attention...if you think you're merely our entertainment and this is just some political episode of Survivor, you may be suprised shortly to find you've been voted off the island.


Melodie said...

I feel like our country is teetering on the edge of a cliff...and our government is coming up behind us to give us a good push! We have got to vote these morons out of office...if it is not too late already!

Jamie @ Woodside Gardens said...

We will vote them out, but by then I'm afraid it will be too late... the damage will already be done.

Meems said...

Well said Robbyn... so well said... I am beside myself with frustration this week. No question most of them "need to go".

Robbyn said...

Melodie...we feel like some things are too late, but still, we can keep trying

Jamie...yeah, but we won't be lemmings and go easily :)

Meems, I am, too...we'll see what happens :)

Carol said...

Well said...let's hope we heard it loud and clear before it's too late. We live in a great country..sometimes it's just too easy to forget "freedom isn't free" and we need to stay on top of things.