Friday, March 5, 2010

Ah Vocation

Haven't been here in a while!  The weather here is spring-like and I'm loving the mild sunny days and the chilly nights. 

Bullet point summary is that we're paying off debt and I'm making an effort to turn some of the things I most love doing (and used to pursue more but got sidelined over time)  from hobby (though I don't really like that term) to vocation...or at least intentional daily pursuits.  Writing is one of those.  Art is another.  Continuing my education is another.  All are neglected talents long overdue for some dusting off and possibility-calisthenics :)   Learning about firearms and learning to shoot is another one.  I've been prodigiously reading new authors (new to me, at least) since last fall and am finally finding some that I really like...and crossing others off the list.  I love to find beautifully-written passages or ones that make me laugh aloud.  I especially love writings evocative of a particular region or community.

I mentioned we're not having a garden this year.  Gardening is a necessary skill we need to continue, so even though there's no official plan in the works, there are a few things I'll be testing as "firsts" (to us) as test plots...on the agenda for sure is amaranth, and I want to see if I can grow clover in pots (sound weird?).  Clover is one of the highest protein herbs I've found so far, and it can be used in a lot of ways.  I'd like to experiment with it, but Florida supposedly has a real problem with nematodes that affect clover, so I thought maybe growing it in pots (and other things to experiment with like wheat grass) would be a nice trial, if it works.  The amaranth I'd like to try would be of both types, the type best for seed and the type best for edible leaves.  It seems to be easy to grow about anywhere, so if we can determine what ways work best for us to incorporate it into our new eating both as a cereal and a green, it would be a reliable and easy regular in our  yearly growing rotations.   Also up for experimentation are plants that can be grown and "forgotten"...that don't need much babysitting but  reseed reliably and have good edible qualities.   Even THOSE can be grown during years spent taking care of business elsewhere than the garden.

And all our pursuits are for that end...the garden path.  I am very very content with that.

I am discontent with what is happening to our freedoms and our government.  But this post is not about that.

I am so grateful to realize in this lifetime that the things in which I find the most fulfillment are defined very simply.  Relationships, God, meaning, honest work, learning, hands in the dirt growing things.  Rediscovering talents and learning to develop them for both enjoyment and possibility.

I hope your weekend is beautiful and restful and the contentment of a hardworked week culminates in some refreshing down time, something fresh baked, renewal, worship, gratefulness.

Shabbat shalom :)

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Meems said...

I always enjoy reading your writings. I find your way of thinking to be so straightforward and dissected in ways I admire. Just wanted you to know.