Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open, Sesame!

My newfound love of sesame continues. This is a variation of the beanless zucchini hummus I recently learned to make, the main ingredient besides the zucchini being raw sesame butter/tahini (the kind with just the ground seeds and not other ingredients). This time I substituted part of the olive oil with some dashes of sesame oil and hot chili oil, and added black pepper and flax seeds before blending them with the few other ingredients, namely lemon juice and garlic.

This recipe is so easy, it literally takes two minutes to make, and it's easy to have something completely raw that eats like a meal, depending on what you use to dip it with. Any raw veggie works well for dipping...tonight I had cauliflower. I topped it with chili flakes and after taking the pictures above (bad lighting, sorry), also topped it with more sesame seeds. Why I love them so much right now I do not know, but who cares? They're wonderful!

Some like it hot.....me!
Then I made another really quick raw goodie...and again with the sesame seeds. I can't say these are completely raw, though...the seeds are the toasted kind. But the banana and the sunflower nut butter are raw...that's all there is to it. Top the slices of banana with the nut butter (preferably raw) and dip to coat with sesame seeds. SO good :)

As you can see, I am really suffering through this raw eating experience ;-) Green smoothies chock full of whatever dark leafy greens I want to put in there, topped off with frozen blueberries and a couple of bananas and blended to a cold thick pourable milkshake consistency, are split between Jack and myself. A small portion of fish or lean meat, if desired, with some raw veggies in different variations such as the zuke hummus shown here, or some gorgeous emerald spinach tossed for a few seconds with just-cooked salmon and eaten up. Any fruit out-of-hand, or a fruity smoothie ice cold for a sweet tooth.

Or seedy things, like these banana bites.
we're suffering ;-)
P.S. I'm feeling very, very good these days. I hope you're all safe and happy during these holidays. Eat well, and hug the ones you love. And invite in others to the comfort of home. It's a better gift than anything storebought.
Blessings to you and yours!


Mr. H. said...

What an unusual hummus, it does look tasty but I can't quite imagine what it would taste like. I'll have to keep this one in mind for the future. Suffering...my wife and I always smile when others ask how we can possibly enjoy eating all these raw foods...yep, it's pretty tuff.:)

We tried growing sesame seeds this year and not one of them survived, too bad because I would have loved to try them fresh from the garden.

Robbyn said...

It is unusual, but the basic mock hummus with just the zuke, lemon juice, garlic, raw tahini, and olive oil is still our simple favorite. Probably not a true hummus at all since there aren't any chickpeas but that tahini really makes it light and bright and we're addicted :) Speaking of your sesame growing, I wonder what the growing zone range is supposed to be and if they have different varieties that thrive in different locales? I love seeing all the things you guys are growing and all your experiments!