Monday, December 28, 2009

Aussie Available for Adoption: Sugar in Florida

(This is a picture of Sugar in Tallahassee...she's up for adoption)

I'm totally in love with our adopted Australian Shepherd (Kaleb), and so is Jack. He gives us something to laugh about and enjoy every day, but takes his job of being our canine companion very seriously. He's his happiest when he's all but attached to our persons 24/7.

We can't imagine a better fit for our family than Kaleb. That doesn't mean I don't still look at the remaining Aussies Awaiting Adoption, though. I'm not only in love with our fella, but I love the breed. I'm sure there are some challenging individual dogs out there that may not have been nearly the best option for our family, even with this breed, but I often run across many that seem by their descriptions to be great dogs.

So I'm going to periodically post listings I see for some of these, in the hopes that some folks who have the time and attention to devote to an Aussie of their own might consider adoption as a real option. Some are purebred and some are mixes, and all are special dogs. For us, adoption was ideal. There are always unknowns going into it, but the experienced rescue organization folks are skilled in helping match the right person to the right Aussie.

Here's today's beautiful girl, Sugar, in Florida. If you'd like to read more about her, here's her page and more pics. She's just the sort of Aussie we'd be looking at if we were looking to add another fabulous furball to our family right now ...maybe she's meant to be a part of yours :)

Florida too far? Here's a map link to more states so you can find a wonderful Aussie for adoption in your neck of the woods...


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful dog, with such a sweet and kind expression to her. Afraid Florida is too far away but I sure hope she finds a wonderful home.

Robbyn said...

Me, too, Jennifer...after reading your comment I posted a link so folks can click on their state to see what other great dogs are available for adoption locally :)