Thursday, December 17, 2009

My New Toy!

Here's a zucchini in the new manual spiral slicer...this is on the skinnier strand setting Zucchini was the first to be tried, then a Daikon radish

Mix 'em up with a tad of olive oil, pinch of sea salt, squeeze of lemon, and grind of black pepper...and of course garlic...
I can't believe these are raw and vegetable and not really pasta...they have a great flavor. I'm going to let them stay in the fridge till dinner tonight. I can't wait to get my hands on some different things to try spiraling...turnip, rutabaga, beet, sweet potato...wonder about carrots...oh yes, pumpkin!
Hooray for flourless raw veggie pasta! My world has just opened up...with diabetes, pasta has been off the table for a long time now. more :)
Jack just gave the "noodles" his fork of approval.
Just had to share before heading to bed after a long night's work. Hope your day is a happy one!
Update...I just had a bowful of these with some more garlic and some softened sundried tomatoes. It was great! I bet a quick blending in the blender of a couple pieces of sweet pepper, sundried tomato, garlic would be great mixed with finely diced veggies for a "spaghetti sauce" and poured over these noodles.
Other things I could also spiral...celeriac, cucumber, fennel bulb?? oh the possibilities. After sitting in the light dressing of olive oil and lemon, salt and garlic for the day, they were softer. There's no way these taste like actual grain pasta, but they are wonderful and light and easy to eat, and something about the strands makes them easy and fun to eat.


Melodie said...

That is really neat! I bet that would be a good way to get kids to eat more veggies!

Annette said...

I love your new toy! At one of our many Christmas parties, an appetizer included cucumbers sliced like the zucchini. So tastey and visually appealing!

Happy Hermit said...

Ohh , That is genius , gluten free spaghetti LOL - and a use for all that zuchini

Conny said...

That is awesome! Flourless here too. Where can I get one of those "gizmos?" I might have to ask Santa for it though. :>)

Robbyn said...

Melodie...sure would be worth trying :)

Annette, cucumbers just got added to the list, woo!

HappyHermit...isn't that great?? My sis has celiac and I hope she can try hubby ate a whole bowlful and said it's great :)

Conny, I just googled "spiral vegetable slicer" and then looked for the best ratings, price, etc for what I thought I wanted. This one is the plastic Paderno one that retails in the range of the high 30's low 40 dollar range...all I was willing to shell out not knowing how much I'd be using it. It has three interchangeable blade sets and is pretty foolproof. So far I love it, and I'm keeping it pretty busy :)

Happy Hermit ( said...

Ah , I got that sushi vid for you.@