Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quickie Update

The week flew by. Happy Hannukah to all :) We kept things simple.

I've been trying to get my sleeping schedule back to some semblance of normality. Eating "high raw" (a high percentage of only raw foods) is going well with the only real bumps being some flubs with hamburgers on my work days...I really am trying to stay away from those. But I had run out of the leafy greens and the fish both, so I planned better when shopping this time around.

Jack and I both watched a documentary about some people who went to Gabriel Cousens' center and spent a month eating raw food only, and reversed their diabetes. The CD couldn't have come at a better time, since I was needing some direction. Correction...we, Jack and I both, were needing some.

I did vary from the smoothies and tried two recipes in the last couple days. One was raw "popcorn" using raw cauliflower cut up and tossed with nutritional yeast (which has a cheesy/nutty flavor) and savory spices like sea salt, cayenne, and paprika. We did like that for munching. It doesn't do well refrigerated, though, because the seasonings turn to mush.

The other recipe I LOVE is one I saw on a video. Supposedly it's a beanless hummus. It's made with raw zucchini, tahini paste, olive oil, lemon juice, pinch of sea salt and cayenne and cumin. [[later edit...I forgot to mention garlic...lots of garlic! ]]] OH MY. I forgot the cumin and even so it was SO SO SO good. A beautiful pale green, and we sliced raw veggies and cherry tomatoes and used them as "chips." I'll definately be using that again. SO easy in the just blend the ingredients together. Jack loved it, too.

I think his body is in shock. He's eaten more greens IN his food in a few days than he usually has in a month ( or maybe more). I fix us smoothies in the blender daily, and vary the fruit and the greens that go into them. But I love the frozen blueberries and have started freezing the bananas in chunks because it gives a great texture and sweetness that masks any strong flavors that might be unfamiliar for us starting out. We eat a lot of kale, parsley, romaine, collards, and will try turnip greens coming up...all in the smoothies, cleverly disguised (haHA) :)

I've not lost any more weight. Since that's my secondary focus at first, I'm not panicked. I do feel so much better overall it helps keep me from getting discouraged. I do eat a lot of what I think of as "oily fish"...salmon, and tinned kippered smoked herring, whitefish, the like. My body seems to be having a party with all those omega-3s.

We ordered Cousen's book about reversing diabetes. We're getting serious about it. So far we're resisting the urge to get too much "health store stuff" because of the cost and the fact we need something that works for us for the long term.

There's more to write, but I'm sleepy and just wanted to check in here.

What's going on in your world?? :) Hope your days and weekend are great :)


Sue said...

I'm glad you're doing so well with the raw diet. I hope you see good improvements with your health. Hubby and I just watched "Food, INC." last night-scary scary scary! Perhaps you should watch that-it will help with your hamburger cravings for sure!

Paulette said...

Robbyn, I'm so glad it's going well for you! You are inspiring me.

A couple of years ago I read 'Eat to Live', a great book if you ever get a chance to look at it. Anyway, I've been considering changing my eating habits for awhile. We got into some really bad habits when we were so busy with the house, and that resulted in weight gain, lack of energy...all the stuff that goes with it. You actually got me to thinking about that book again when I started reading about your plan.

Long story short, I read the book again, and 9 days ago I started changing things...a lot of fruits and vegs, no junk basically. No additives or processed food, no 'white' foods...potatoes, rice, pasta, etc., no caffeine, no sugar, limited dairy and meat (I won't cut meat entirely out, but I rarely eat it anyway, so it wasn't intentional last week).

It's INCREDIBLE how much better I feel! I was going through Rolaids like they were popcorn, many each day. I haven't had one in 8 days. I have more energy, am sleeping you said, one of the seconday goals was to drop some weight. SIX pounds. I know a lot of that was water, and that's fine.

I know this is a strange time of year to start something like this, but it has been very easy. Nothing tastes as good as feeling well and energetic.

Good luck to you and your hubby, keep up the posting!!

Robbyn said...

Hi Sue :) If I'm not mistaken, we did watch that about a year ago...ick! You're right, it would help to keep that in mind regularly!

Paulette, I'll have to check that book out. Wow, you're making some great changes. I was surprised how much better I felt taking out most of the remaining processed foods from my eating (minus a couple hamburders, arggh) recently. Being 6 lbs lighter is great, too...congratulations!! Especially on feeling better! I didn't put "the whites" on a No No list but since they weren't on the "Yes" list except for cauliflower, I've had nearly none of them. (except on my one freebie meal a week...even then, their appeal is at a minimum)

Yayyyyy, you, girl!!! SO glad your tummy is on the mend, too :) WOO!!!