Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy!

Oh how I miss John Denver...

Oh, how I'm glad there's sunshine to bake in and dirt to play in outdoors!! Whether it's a glorious day or one just passing the Below Average mark indoors, outdoors my troubles all cook away as I play in my playground (stable mulch, garden hose, hoe and (of course!) 5 gallon buckets), slow-basting to a crispy goodness and getting downright it!

I got really sick of seeing straggling brown stubs of nuthin'-much left after our unusual freezes, and when the opportunity struck, I hastily surrounded all the dead plants with green bean seeds...bush type...Roma and some other sort (blue lake?).

If you want instant gratification, plant green bean seeds. They come up in grand fashion with not much fuss, and when the heat beats down, they think they're in heaven. In fact, you can almost sit there and watch them grow. Now my buckets-o'-ugly are really perked up with GreenGreenGreen pertly bounding over their rims. They showed an ability to come up despite the different growing media, so I had the unmitigated gall to take it to the ground and plant some more in rows smack in the piles of stable mulch/poo/shavings/straw we had raked to a depth of 8 or 10 inches on part of our lot next door. Let's see if those little guys can actually sprout and grow right in it...if so, WOO! no waiting months for it to decompose :)

The malangas are going great guns, too, and there are other things growing now rather than just sitting there being shy and demure. Garden Fever!!

This is just a short update...must buy batteries (pronounced where I grew up "Bat-Trees") for the camera to get some good shots going...I don't want to miss the action, as things are changing every day!

Cooking projects have been afoot since I'm trying to do more quantity cooking but keep it from being too monotonous. I did roast a turkey recently, and can I just say I'm always amazed at how one bird can equate to so many different meals. I did make the cuban soup with the roasting juices and stock made from the bones and a good bit of the dark meat, etc. Jack's still in a swoon...

That's what's on the stove right get to it or it may end up being Blackened Cajun SomethingOrOther.

More soon!

(Nice to have the puter back...thanks for missing me! I missed you guys, too!)



fullfreezer said...

I'm glad your world is greening up nicely. It's good to have you back into the blogosphere.

warren said...

welcome back!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Rick and I both love John Denver's music, too, and were fortunate to see him in concert at the Oregon State Fair years ago. I cried when I heard about his untimely death. I cry when I hear him sing Sunshine On My Shoulders and Annie's Song, and I always get goosebumps when I hear I Am An Eagle (right title?). Such talent, and appreciation for God's creation! Maybe that's why we like him so much -- his appreciation for creation. Hugs!

Robbyn said...

Judy & Warren & Michelle, thanks!! :) I hope your spring is making way for a lot of growing things and sunshine!