Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pit Stop

Not exactly the most girly subject to write about, but I've tried one of those "rock" deodorants for the first time.

Hey, whether the homestead is a window ledge or a vast tract of acreage, we all sweat sometime.

For more of my thoughts on this "scent"-tillating (sorry! ha) subject, it's today's post over at NotDabblingInNormal.

Yeah, that's how to put regular readers to the test about body odor ...or the more elegantly spelled body odour if you hail from Across The Pond. The English do have a way with a word, don't they...even ones that stink ;-)

More later...I'm sooo tired. Worked last night and now it's shower time, and then to hit the pillow.

I watered in all the new seeds again before sundown yesterday. I love the anticipation that builds before the first shoots appear!

Have a wonderful day!


ChristyACB said...

Okay, now you're going to have to post on the progress of said de-stinkyfying! LOL.

Actually, it is a good topic to bring up. The aluminum in store bought stuff works well, but isn't good for you at all. It would be nice to get some reviews of alternatives.

Anonymous said...

I shall run over and read this post. Oh, and I really like this new look. Not that the peacock was bad, I just love the greens. =)