Monday, April 20, 2009

Signs of Life

(Clicking on any photo will enlarge)

First sunflower of the year shyly unfurling

Volunteer vines of mystery plants whose seeds overwintered beside the compost pile, snug next to some volunteer potatoes who just didn't want to quit and become mulch

Salad bar bin with lettuces and Roma bush snap beans. Can you spot the baby nasturtium peeking through?

Purple hull pea sprout proving it can grow in fairly fresh horse stall cleanings

Sentinel flowers from radishes gone to seed...these remind me of clean sheets hung to dry in the sun

Blushing radish pods expectant with seed
What is awakening in your back forty?


Sue said...

Beautiful photos. Sure wish SOMETHING would awaken in my yard.
Thanks for a much needed dose of spring.

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the sunflower one - can't ever get enough sunflowers! A few things are popping up here, but this week is when I get to really get busy and plant. Temps will be springlike and no forecast of severe weather! Yeah!

warren said...

I am so jealous...just sayin'

ChristyACB said...

Awesome photo! I'm going to let some of my radish go to seed and can't wait to see it if it looks like that!

Wish I was that far along. Alas, I'm still in the daffodil, early onions, beets and tulip stage. :)

Kathie said...


tina f. said...

Beautiful pictures, Robbyn! And you have such a way with words. Very nice ☺

Carolyn said...

great pics.

I don't have much blooming yet. :(

Robbyn said...

Sue, you have the MOST storybook cottage and you get to fulfill my winter wish of being able to have it cold enough outside to snuggle by a fireside...ah :) Can't wait to see your woods when spring has sprung where you are!

Melissa, thank you! I love flowers and we have been planting more veggies than glad I popped the sunflower seeds in alongside some other things to see if they'd show their faces :) Happy planting this weekend!

Warren...nah :) I didn't show you the decimated papayas and the limes that have some sort of leaf disease trying to defeat them...and of course, all things but a couple veggie beds are all in 5 gallon buckets, heh heh :)

Christy, you're ahead of me in that at least you KNOW when to plant beets, early onions, and such. These radishes were the stragglers left overwintering (read neglected) in a patch, and I noticed they were flowering...I've never seen the whole cycle of a radish and was fascinated with their small white flowers and the pods. Never too late to learn (at least that's my hope) :)

Kathie, thanks! :) :)

Tina, thanks!! It's been far too long and I'm long overdue to catch up with what's going on with your family, especially that huggable grandbaby :)

Irma said...

Loooove the look of the blog!

Christina said...

Beautiful pics! I love spring and the awakening.... We actually have ripe strawberries in April! I am loving it!

Lemongrass said...

The volunteer vines might be the calabaza seeds.........remember your delicious looking 'cuban soup'?

mommymommyland said...

LOVE love love that sunflower photo!!! It is simply gorgeous I could see it on a wall in an art gallery (or a postcard).

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Love the new look! Since I'm now changing my blog background at the beginning of each new month, I find myself waiting impatiently for a month to be over! Silly, I know. Our fruit trees are flowering, and some spinach is up that went to seed last year. Rick is out working up our garden with a rented tractor as I type; hope he saves the spinach! Rhubarb is looking good, too.

Robbyn said...

Carolyn, your co-op garden is soooo gorgeous when the plants get going...can't wait to see how it does this year :)

Irma, thanks! It was time to "move the furniture" :)

Christina, strawberries...they're so scrumptious :)

Lemongrass, Jack agrees with you...I hope you're right!

Robin/MommyMommy, thanks! I give my camera most of the credit ;-)

Michelle...ohhhhhhhh, tractor envyyyy... ;-) Your trees sound beautiful..let's see if your spinach makes the final cut of Survivor, heh heh :) said...



My heart is alive.

My soul is warm.

Love those photographs.

Kimberly said...

My back forty--a glut of volunteer sunflower seedlings, arugula, savory sprouts, and raspberries going nuts. And dandelions, lots of dandelions...