Sunday, February 10, 2008

Real Milk

On Wednesday, February 2008, I had my first glass of real unadulterated milk.

I did not contract a dread disease, nor drop dead. I drank it to the last drop. My family drank the whole container to the last drop. I can say that we are still hale and healthy, and perhaps even a tad healthier.

Just letting you know.

Now I'm ruined for any other sort.


Meg said...

Cool! I don't like grocery store, pasteurized milk, but a few weeks ago when I saw raw milk for sale at a local co-op I felt like being subversive and giving it a try. I'm glad I did, because it is sooo good. And, of course, I like supporting farmers who keep processes as natural as possible.

farm mom said...

LOL! Great post! When I told my mom we were switching to raw milk last spring she flipped out. "you can't drink that! You'll get sick!!!!" Really mom? What did you drink growing up? ".....well...." ;)

Robbyn said...

Meg, my daughter usually dislikes milk, too. For many years we'd bought into that popular theory that the lower fat the milk, the better it was for you. That's the same reason we believed pasteurized was better, too. When we switched a couple years ago to organic whole milk, my daughter actually loved it. REAL milk to us is the next step up from that...the ideal, as God always intended. I'm using the word "REAL" because in states like the one where we live, it's illegal for people to make their own choices of milk buying. I'll just leave it like that. Pets have it better off than people.

Farm mom! Isnt it funny?? Milk used to be considered one of the most healing of foods, and a symbol of richness and plenty. How disconnected we are from our food sources, our food awareness, and our ability to make our own choices without it being criminalized. Thankfully, the brainwashing is not yet complete, ha! Is milk the new "Mooooooooo-nshine??" heehee