Sunday, February 10, 2008

5 Things About Myself

Wow, my first meme! Thank you to Monica for tagging me...hers can be seen here at her site. I, too, could eat Mexican every day and not ever get tired of it...guacamole, mmmm!!!

Ok, here are a few other things...

1. I'm 41 years old, and in my lifetime I've relocated 23 times. I'm hoping the next move is a permanent one!

2. My interests are so varied I don't have enough lifetimes to do all the things I want to do in life. I am a square peg in a round hole. None of my interests are "mainstream" or "normal," and so I am a happy kook. In many ways, I belong to a past era rather than the modern world. But I really have an appreciation for hot water and indoor plumbing!

3. I am married to the man God picked out for me, and he is the man of my dreams. The difference in our ages would make me a "younger woman," which is also par for the course, (see #2)

4. I've been up and I've been down, but my weight has always been my nemesis. Currently, I'm up. Having tried half of my current years to diet, I will never diet again. We're incorporating a lifestyle overhaul, and that's my focus.

5. I have to really shut up about two subjects that are really important to me, but which rarely appear here in the blog: my religious beliefs and my views on government. Suffice it to say I don't fit into "normal" with either of those and am greatly concerned that I be allowed the responsibility for making my own choices of faith, food, education, and property ownership without fear of surveillance, force, manipulation, legal bureaucracy, or microchips.

Now I'll look for some willing victims out there in blogland to tag... :)

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