Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Latest Addition to the Pre-Homestead

Yes, I realize a picture of a dehydrator is about as exciting to a homesteader as watching another slide show of Grandma's Alaskan Cruise. But it's new to us!

(Squirm, but I'm rattling on in happiness!)

J came home with it last night, and I woke up to find the box on the kitchen counter...yippeee!! The first things I'm trying are the fruits/berries I found languishing in the crisper drawers. Those are mangos and strawberries. Let's see how they turn out.

R asked if we can plug it in somewhere it doesn't make that vacuuming sort of noise, but anywhere in this house, it'll be heard. So I told her it's "white noise." She gave me her opinion of that sort of white noise (quite frankly), but later apologized. We'll see if we can sleep through it.

It may become like the box fan of her early got to where she couldnt sleep without it.

We'll see! :)


Tracey said...

Congrats on the new dehydrator. I love mine...of course, there's no noise associated with it =>

Meg said...

That is exciting! Kelly and I got a couple Christmas gifts that we really don't have a use for, so we returned them to Linens-n-Things or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or one of those places, for store credit. We're doing out dehydrator research right now, and altering our garden plan a bit with the idea of drying lots of food.

Let us know how the strawberry/mango experiment turns out!

Robbyn said...


Tracey, what sort of dehydrator do you have? (or is it solar and plugless?)

Meg, I already sneaked a taste, and hopefully they'll be done in an hour or so...the taste is concentrated and nicely sweet, and wow what storage space it's going to save! Good luck on yours...if there really are some out there that are quiet, I'd go for that. But ours was on sale for an unbeatable price :)

Stephanie said...

I find homesteading gadgets terribly exciting! :)

And your new love (sheep) is adorable!

Robbyn said...

Stephanie, as far as gadgets go, I find them daunting, but so far this one seems fairly Me-proof ;-)