Friday, February 8, 2008

Back Soon!

I have a really busy day ahead, and it doesn't look to be over till about midnight, whew! (of necessity)

I'll be back after dark on Saturday night or sometime Sunday, especially after being tagged by Monica at SmallMeadowFarm for my very first meme, woohoo! (that'll give me time to think of 5 things by then, hopefully :))

Until then, I hope everyone's weekend is restful and safe. We have a good number of friends in the Tennessee/Arkansas/North Mississippi area, and are very relieved to say they were not harmed in the recent large tornado system that passed through. But many many people were harmed or killed, and our prayers go out to their families and to all those who are picking up from the devastation.

We all hug each other a little tighter, and in my quieter moments, I'll be sending out cards I've meant for months to send "just because" to the homefolks scattered so far away, because life is short and sometimes we need to say those things we think but so often never get around to expressing.

My day now charges on like a bull, till shabbat...

Shabbat shalom!

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