Sunday, February 10, 2008

Land Hunt Laundry List...and the State Fair!

Tomorrow I take this computer in for a tune-up, so the blogroll update will have to wait a few days more...

We're off for a week!!!! J and I actually got the same days off, so we're taking to the county where we are hoping to finalizing something sometime regarding getting land. I am always really energized when we can get away for a change of scenery. One of those days will be spent driving a different direction and trying to have a day at the state fair...hooray!!

The State Fair is one of my favorite things in the world, ever since the days in my early childhood, when I lived in Memphis, and my parents would take me to the Mid South Fair. Every year we went, and I still remember it from a child's-eye view. The lights of the midway, the music, the aromas of kiosk food, having to decide among candied apples, salt water taffy, cotton candy (in pink or blue), corn on the cob, or frozen chocolate dipped bananas...all of it added up to a childhood sensory nirvana. There were the cattle, the goats, the poultry, the rabbits...and the pony ride! (anything to do with horses had me mesmerized). And there always was the Budweiser Clydesdale team, especially massive when you're a kid of only 5 or 6. There were the 4H exibits, the canned goods, the science projects, the spinning engines and turbines. There was bunting and cinderblock. There were miles of people and miles of parked cars and miles for the bathrooms.

The Memphis fair was in the fall, usually just corresponding with a dip in the temperatures. Mom would manage to get my sister and me to sit still on a stool long enough for a woman in a booth to snip our silhouettes out of black paper on white, to give as holiday gifts for the grandparents later in the year. When the day was over, we'd collapse on the cold naugahyde seats of the old Chevy-2 and sleep all the way back home.

I'd never been back to a fair, any fair, until last year we went to a nearby county fair. It was SO much fun! When J proposed we get away and sneak off to the State Fair this year, I began counting the days. Now, one day left!!

We'll do a lot of footwork on the other days elsewhere...things that can't get done from a distance and require going to county departments and asking questions and gathering specific information. Hopefully we'll get some more pictures along the way, too. All related to the properties we're trying to get. Oh, how we're trying to get something finalized!

Just getting out of town feels like movement, and a vacation. The hotel has a breakfast bar and if I want to sleep in one day and just be a lump and watch cable shows on TV, that's a novelty, since we don't get any TV reception here. Mostly, I hope we get to tromp around on some properties and commune with the wildlife and get worn out, and then recharge and do it some more. I SO love being in the country. Land, fair, hotel, no dishes to wash...oh yeah, I can handle it :) So woohoo, here we go!!

The computer will be on vacation at the repair shop in the meantime. I should be back here in 7 to 10 days, replete with corn on the cob, fair and land photos, and a bunch of forms and county this-and-that to read over. I hope everyone has a great week!

I'm jazzed!!

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