Sunday, June 2, 2013

Something Beautiful

I've had Katherine Dunn's Apifera Farm blog link on my page for years now and find her art personal and whimsical and...well...a touchpoint to something childlike and of a depth I hope not to forget, the freedom to BE.

I was so moved by the writing at her recent 2nd blog, written as she walks through the loss of her mother.

I'm no stranger to loss, and in this past year alone 2 of my friends have died.  Other losses are past, and ongoing.  They are part of my fabric -- a  reminder of the worth of  individual moments and friends who people the canvas of my life.  The way in which Katherine expresses her grief really moved me, and I read straight through the blog.  I found it to be completely beautiful.

I love that she gives herself permission to have the TIME to grieve in this way, in an ever-shifting world she moves within and crafts with beauty and deliberation.

Maybe you'll like to read it, too...

Quiet Little Sack of Sadness

Thank you, Katherine, for sharing this personal journey.

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Katherine Dunn said...

Thank you so much for such kind words and thoughts. Grief is so individual, and for many of us, I quess sharing s an important part of the