Friday, June 14, 2013

Small Observation

This is just a quick aside.

I marvel that the friends I've made here and people I have never met are the ones most likely to read this blog.  My relatives and lifelong friends who live elsewhere but have known me the longest in person rarely, if ever, come here to read what's close to our hearts and what our interests are.

Not sure that means anything, but I find it ironic nonetheless  :-)

Musing the idiosyncracies of life...and now it is shabbat.

Shabbat shalom, one and all!


Michelle said...

My mom and step-dad read my blogs faithfully, but they are the only ones. I know what you mean.... Happy Sabbath (in another hour or so here)!

edifice rex said...

Yeah, my family has never expressed any interest in reading my blog and only a very few friends. I've always thought that was curious myself. But...congrats on your culvert!!!! but sorry about the vegetation...:(

Shreela said...

Most of my family and RLF aren't blog readers that I'm aware of. Although one did start her own while living abroad, to decrease how many letters she was writing back home LOL. Most of the people I know in RL correspond thru Facebook, the rest via old school phone calls & VM phone-tag.

Robbyn said...

I knew you guys would understand! :-)

Rambling Tart said...

I thought about this recently too. :-) I don't understand it, but I'm super thankful for the connections I've made online. :-) Happy Sabbath! :-)