Sunday, May 1, 2011


(Clicking on pics will enlarge)
Ants as pollinators on ground orchid


Stinging chaya rooted cuttings beginning to bud

Gynura procumbens cuttings taking off

Much bigger than life size gynura buds

Closer view

Pollinator-eye-view of petunia's Come Hither look

Gynura crepidioides, otherwise known as Okinawan spinach.  This is different than the Gynura procumbens.

Pentas blooms making heart-shaped pollinator valentines with their curling filaments

Walking stick kale seedlings, closeup

Walking stick kale, awaiting transplanting

Sweet potato embracing its neighbors

The first of the mystery squash fruits, this one hanging vertically in the shrub it vined up

Pollinator on plum leaf

Ground orchid pretty in pink

Hey, lady...y'done with the camera?  I.  Will stare.  At you.  Till you notice the doggy with the summer crew cut.   Who wants treats!


Michelle said...

Beautiful close-ups!

Great minds think alike. I just posted some photos of our tri-color Aussie, too. ;-)

pilgrimscottage said...

gorgeous photos! Love the doggie!! He's definitely demanding something. :)