Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tempt Me With Tomatoes

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I planted two patio tomatoes (in a pot, yes) while I was still confidently stating that we weren't planting anything this year.   But maybe a pot of tomatoes means I'll have a few little ones to perk up our salads.

And there's nothing like a good, homegrown tomato.

No, we didn't put in a garden.  But, we did put in some plants. I suppose the difference between the two is should see the scale to which I hope to unleash my gardening mojo in the Great Hereafter We Move To a Permanent Location.  Nuff said on that.

So my birthday was in April and I succumbed momentarily to the siren song of the garden center, assuaging my (rather robustly immune) conscience by telling myself that HEIRLOOM plants were a somehow more virtuous acquisition.  And so on.  And then there were 10.  Three Black Princes, three German Johnsons, one Yellow Pear, and a yellow cherry tomato.  All but the two patio tomatoes are happily IN the ground (I want happy microbes, happy earthworms, happy pollinators and insects galore, and I planted a conglomeration of happy mixed flowers and flowering shrublets as neighbors.  And don't forget the birds, who like the cages for landing sites near the bird feeders.)

Here's hoping the blooms that are popping out make it full cycle to juicy fruits and many happy salads and tomato sandwiches to come!  We have sandy soil amended with compost here...there's no telling what the tomatoes will taste like...ah, terroir!  I remember the tomatoes we grew in the red clay when I was a kid in Mississippi tasting so tart and sweet and loaded with juice, it's hard for anything to compare.

What's your favorite tomato?  The one that grows best for you?

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fullfreezer said...

Mmm, tomatoes! My favorite- a ripe one, fresh and warm from the garden! Actually, I think my current favorite is Amana Orange. It is a huge, yellow/orange beefsteak tomato. Mmmmm....
I'm so jealous of your little tomatoes. I have yet to set mine out yet.