Monday, May 30, 2011

Mystery Squash...Solved

(click pic to enlarge)
The mystery of the volunteer squash...solved!   Now, about two or more weeks after picking it, our bets are that it's definitely a Golden Hubbard.  The colors in the pic above are really is a deep, bright orange.  Good...there are a couple more baby ones on the vine, woo!

What surprise volunteers appeared in your neck of the woods this year?


Irma said...

Good heavens woman, here in Alantic Canada I haven't even PLANTED my garden yet. (Well....mostly because I am really unorganized this year.)

The only thing IN my garden is volunteers: a few carrots I somehow missed last year, they are heirloom so I'm going to wait and see if I can figure out what to do when they go to seed. Oh, and the one ground cherry plant I put in two years ago is now threatening to take over an entire bed. Yes, I know that's just self seeding and not true volunteering, but it still shocks me. Good thing I love ground cherries so much.

pilgrimscottage said...

Cashews! And, the fruit of the nut are delicious! That's a beautiful looking squash you have.

R said...

Cashews!!!''re in the Garden of Eden :)

Robbyn :)

John Taylor said...

It looks like I have a pumpkin growing in my backyard that I did not plant and have never planted. We have always grown zucchinni and croockneck squash but not in this loation. Really weird.


R said...

Irma, I've never tried ground cherries...I'd love anything like that reseeding yearly, yum!

John, we LOVE pumpkins'll be fun to see what sort yours is :)