Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Anybody's Guess

Whatever kind of squash this mystery plant is is anyone's guess. But I can say one thing about's unbelievably hardy!

The seed must have survived for months in the wood and plant litter in our mulched front bed. I suspect it got there as we were layer-composting some kitchen trimmings. In the fall I sometimes will buy a new-to-me type of winter squash from the supermarket they get such a selection, I'm not sure, but there's such a variety at times and I like to try different ones.  Anyway, the vine appeared a few weeks ago, and we fully expected it to die back.  We hadn't deliberately planted anything there other than a rosemary plant that soldiers on, so we were surprised when it began to vine and then put out little fruits, most of which have  died back.

I'm watching the development of this first one, the others not having made it probably due to lack of pollination..the little baby yellow fruits withered and died before getting any larger. But THIS one is securely hanging vertically, partially obscured within the branches of the viburnum bush the vines are clambering over.

Any guesses what it'll turn out to be when all's said and done? I don't buy summer squash from the store, so I know it's most likely a winter squash.  Probably...  It's about a foot long, seems to have a hard shell with a bumpy surface and color striations of yellow and some lighter yellow from stem to stern.  I'm not sure how big it will get.  My guess at this point, after looking over Google-search pics on the internet, is Yellow Hubbard.  Or if it reddens, maybe a Red Kuri??  (not so sure it's going to redden, though)

Not to mention it's May????!!!

OK, no complaints!

Like I said, we have not babied this plant. It wilts in the hot part of the day, and then perks up again come nightfall and through the morning hours. We've not watered it, and we havent had much if any rain lately (hope that changes!) So, if it turns out to be a good squash and puts out any more fruits, it's a keeper (yay!)

Grow on, little mystery squash, grow on!


Elizabeth said...

That's amazing!! And so cool. The only things we have growing right now are the shoots of garlic and chives that are just starting to emerge.

Might your rogue be a spaghetti squash?

R said...

Hi to love those garlic and chives! I'd hazard a guess more towards the spaghetti squash if I could remember ever having bought any :)