Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mandatory GM Foods Labeling Petition

Here's one way to quickly and easily add our voices to petition our current government to require mandatory labeling of all genetically-modified foods...which is the barest of minimum standards and should actually be our right to know, as consumers.

Here's the link to the petition, from Jeffrey M. Smith's (author Seeds of Deception) Institute for Responsible Technology. 

It only takes seconds to send.  It's a start, and we have to start somewhere.


Alan said...

Can you oppose food safety regulation in one post and support it in the next? Regulation is bad except the ones I want?

Robbyn said...

Hi Alan...what is your suggestion? The reason I support the labeling of GMOs is because the labeling law already exists for food products...but the powers that be made sure that GMOs are exempted from them. Since there is concrete evidence that a lot of effort has gone into suppressing any real data related to GMOs, they should at least be subject to the same labeling laws that every other product already has to undergo, or it's shady to me. Whether or not labeling laws are ideal, that's another subject. But they are already on the books and I don't appreciate GMOs being exempted. What solution do you have in mind, if not this one?

Alan said...

Peace Robbyn,

Don't have suggestions beyond KNOW THE FARMER WHO GROWS YOUR FOOD. And know him/her well! We already have labeling laws and a legal library full of food safety regulations. They don't really keep us safe. They just protect the big players. Go for more labeling, it probably wont hurt (unless you are a small farmer and they make you start tracking and labeling everything...) BUT,IT WON'T KEEP YOU SAFE. We are individually responsible for our own safety.