Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Losing the Right to Grow Our Own Food? Stop HR2749 and S510 Food "Safety" Bill

If we give the government control over our food rights, we are in a state of national collapse. That's not overstating the case. We really must make sure this legislation does not pass.

Here is a great article with the specifics of these proposed legislations that are now on the table and must NOT be allowed to pass.

We cannot give up our individual rights to grow our own food or allow a government institution to regulate citizen rights to freely decide what and how to perpetuate the basic human right to preserve our food supply. Something as basic as saving seeds, selling to others, privacy, promoting local growers and small farms. These are fundamental to a life that will never look the same if we allow this legislation to pass.

We do not NEED YOUR PROTECTION, government regulators..."protection" is just another word for "government control"...and that is something our nation was founded to OPPOSE.

Freedom. We still have to fight for it right from our own backyards.


Mel said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, everyone needs to get off their couches this coming election and vote these yayhoos out of office.

What next?

Leigh said...

Food Safety Bill is absolutely infuriating!!!!! It is just more proof that big business is in bed with the government. George nailed it. Eventually Americans are going to have to physically get these idiots out of office.

Wendy said...

It's just one more thing. I've written my Senators and Representatives more in the past eight years than I ever did for the thirty-plus years prior.

And I wrote a letter in response to this Bill, too. The fact that it could make my home food production illegal is terrifying, because we've worked so hard to localize our diet and raising our own food has become such a big part of what we do as a family. I can not even imagine going back to our former diet. I think it would kill me - literally!

I'd find a way around it (perhaps by growing Moringa ;), but it's just frustrating that I would have to. I know we don't live in a "democracy" (we're actually a "republic"), but freedom has been the hallmark of our political system for the past two hundred years, and little by little our government has been eroding our freedom to make our own choices ... and for the most part we're letting them.

I'm afraid of what's coming, but it's just right around the corner. There's going to be a breaking point, and it's not going to be very pretty.