Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lovin' My Man

Happy Anniverary to my favorite person in the whole world, my husband, best friend, hero, co-conspirator, champion, sweetheart and lover.  I love you, Jack.

My world is amazing because you're in it, and I thank God for you every single day.

You never leave me guessing whether you're crazy about me or are.  And I never leave you guessing.

Life is better because it's shared with you, and because God brought us together, I have family.

Thank you.  To God and to you.

Six years, gone in a snap, just like that, and another year ahead of us...I am blessed!

Thank you for the hard work you have put into our relationship, the way you protect our family and give solid advice to our daughter and have helped her as she embarks on her own adulthood for the first time.  Thank you for keeping Respect one of the most important rules for how our household is run.

Thank you for telling me you want me to be myself, and actually WANTING me to be that.  Thank you for inviting my opinions, even if we don't always agree, and caring what they are.  Thank you for being every inch a mighty man, but not relying on ego to be your motivating factor. 

Thank you for making sure I have a spare key, there's gas in the car, I've locked the house if you're gone, that things around here are in good repair.  That we have the clothes we need, doctor visits, medicine, even if we have to get creative about how to pay for them.

Thank you for working reliably, not being late to work, being the guy who does his job right even if others don't.  Thank you for the times you've filled in for others even if they don't especially want to reciprocate.  Thank you for being the kind of man who doesn't degrade others, even if you've been wronged or misunderstood in some way.  Thank you for being the man who really would punch another person in the nose if they so much as laid a hand on someone you love.

Thank you for always, always, without exception, sitting on the same side of a restaurant booth beside me...even when we're the only ones at the table.

Thank you for helping facilitate our goals in getting healthy, and eating a green smoothie nearly every single day for the last few months straight.  Thank you for caring that I get healthy, too.

Thank you for doing the bills.

Thank you for not spending money we don't have.

Thank you for knowing when it's the perfect timing to take a break and to go to a movie, or an ice cream sundae, or a walk on the beach, so that the everyday doesn't become without the joy of our stopping and sharing..and sometimes getting away from the house even if for a few hours.

I would say you're the man of my dreams, but really, you're  more the man of my prayers.  I could never have dreamed you up the way you really are.  But God brought you and you're better than I could have hoped.

I love your eyes and I love that we lasted through some things that would have crushed other couples.  I love your laugh.  I love our holding hands.  I love that you love to get outside and work hard and actually like to sweat and get a little sore.  Did I mention I love your beautiful eyes?

I love that I can't fit all the things I love about you into a blog post.

I just made you a nice dinner, some baked goods to freeze for later treats (and some to sell), and the house is quiet and mostly clean.  You're sleeping because you worked last night.  I'll slip in next to you before too long.  I'm happier than if we had some glamorous event planned tonight to mark our wedding date and could go paint the town red.  I have everything I   Color me happy  :)

Happy Anniversary, my Jack


Leigh said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

O by the way, Im Leigh, your new follower. Im really enjoying your blog. :)

Lindie said...

I am so happy for both of you. I wish my husband had lived and we would be together like you are. Iknow we would have been.

Robbyn said...

Thanks, Leigh...and welcome! I peeked at your blog, and it's wonderful :) So glad to meet you!

Lindie, I don't know your story and I don't see a link for where to contact you. I'd like to say that I wish I could email you. Thank you for your good wishes, and I'm so sorry your husband is no longer with you. I had a first marriage that was very different than my marriage now...I had no concept of the first one ever ending. When it did, I was devastated. But God brought Jack, and he is my miracle in so many ways. I'd love to email you if you have a way for me to contact you.

fullfreezer said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And many, many more!
Judy and Vernon.

karl said...

happy anniversary to you both!

Irma said...

Happy Anniversary Robbyn, you deserve all that you have.

I write love notes to Husbandly One periodically....and I am sooooooo going to plagarize you, hope you understand, lol! What you said about him not being the man of your dreams but of your prayers smacked me upside the head good and proper, all I could think was, "THAT, THAT'S what I always meant!!"

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

I doubt anyone could have said it better...congrats for finding and keeping someone so special and for his realizing that you are too.

edifice rex said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I'm seeing a Jack too and he is a sweetie; hopefully as good as yours!! lol!

Robbyn said...

Judy, Karl, Irma, Slow, Annie...thanks to you all for your best wishes!!