Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anyone Out There With Stirling Engine Advice?

This is the experimental ST05G 500 Watt Stirling Engine plan, one of the plans available thanks to Creative Commons in Europe at this site.

This is a modern version of a Stirling engine, and in Jack's research he's found this one to be simpler than a combine motor, safer, and able to be run on multiple types of fuel. There are versions in Europe that are even run by heat produced by pellet fuels made from waste, wood chips, and other cellulose type materials, even grass. They can also be run on hydrogen generated from photoelectric panels.

WhisperGen Stirling CHP (combination heat and power) units are already time-proven and popular for home and marine use in Australia and New Zealand. They have now expanded to the European continent via production in Spain.  WhisperGen units have on and off-grid applications.  Here's a peek at their video...

Researching stirling engines is one of the ongoing side projects Jack continues researching for the longer-term to figure out some viable options for generating electricity for our future home (wherever/whenever...down the road...) so we can be less dependent on the grid, and maybe even completely off-grid.

If you know anyone out here doing similar experimentation or had some successes with Stirling engines, we'd sure love to know how to contact them. Just passing on our ongoing questions for our ongoing quest...and wanting to learn from those who've already been forging ahead in this area already!


Anonymous said...

Love your site, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go bro... 3 hp stirling engine

And don't forget WWW.WaterforFuel.Com


Robbyn said...

Update: if anyone has any new leads on American-made stirling engines for combined heat and power (CHP), please contact us at our email: is very interested in keeping abreast of any new info..thanks!! :-D