Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week Two Manasota Beach

clicking will enlarge pics...

These are all this week's glimpses of Manasota Beach before sundown Saturday, as a storm system was rolling in. It is so beautiful how the color changes every direction we turned, as if we're in several different settings. The water at one point, as seen in some of the pictures, was literally divided into luminescent jade on one side and deep indigo on the other, with clouds bouncing pink lights on one half of the beach and the others all washed in blue-greens.

I played with a few of the photos to give them an antique-kodak type of color seen on old color postcards...and so on :)

Having fun with the cam, but not hard to with the lure of the ocean. The breeze, again, was wonderful that time of day.

Thus ends my tourist board-ish promotion...ya'll come on down :)