Monday, June 21, 2010

He's here, some things fall apart, he laughs, he's happy...and the rest of it really doesn't matter :)

Gift order for Father's Day not arrived in mail yet.
Family gathering canceled because daughter was sick.
Thunderstorm roiling in.
Foolproof pound cake NOT foolproof. Threw out pudding-like substance. Make chocolate cookies.
Made homemade soup.
Hot, perfect yeast rolls and butter.
Cold fruit...strawberries, papayas.
Eager four-legged assistant taste-tester giving smiles and encouragement.
Green growing things glistening in the heat, everything flourishing faster than it can be mowed and harvested.
Jack mowing and harvesting, also glistening in the heat. Frequent draughts of cold fresh lemonade!
Outdoors as muggy as a shower and smelling like baked sunshine and new-cut grass.
Warm showers outdoors, cool shower indoors.
Clean sheets, shadowy room.
Lazy naps.
Kitchen fragrances, bottom notes of garlic, yeast bread, and chicken soup, top notes of chocolate and fresh fruit.
Happy, sunburnt, clean, warm husband arms to wrap up in.
Replete at table, feasting just the two of us, content.
Happy husband, happy father's day different than planned.
He leaves early to take soup to daughter.
I miss him, as always, as soon as he's out the door.
Putting other chores to rest, loved ones on my mind.
Another perfect day...

(from this song)

Belated happy father's day to all the men out here who have been the important men to a younger generation in so many important ways. Especially, as in our case, those men who are fathers to children not born to them biologically but brought into the family as permanently as if they had. My hero.

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