Monday, June 7, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Oh WOW...this is such a fun day! Happyhappyhappy! One of my best buds has been saving this and that over the past year to send me, and the day finally came, woohoo! (THANK YOU, you know who you are...) She said she was sending a few fun things, but opening the box was like a treasure chest, and the smell was like a spice market, mmm :)

Here are some of the goodies I found:

14 packets of Indian spice mixes (parrrrrtttyyy!)
2 bottles tea tree oil
heirloom seed packets, hard-to-find varieties
2 big bags mustard seeds, one black one the lighter color
some great supplements
A book on growing Asian foods, signed by the author (included my name, how neat :))
A huge bag of local-to-my-friend handmixed garam masala spices to grind
2 different kinds of quinoa
big bag of dried indian mint

I'm not sure I named everything, but what a huge treat! This place is going to be smelling like a thousand kinds of wonderful in the kitchen, what with all those spices I don't usually have on hand, but do now! I don't know what it is about some Indian spice mixes, but I love the fragrance so much I could almost roll in the stuff like a cat in catnip, ha :)

Anyway, much thankfulness going on over here, my cup overflows. It's the friendship behind the gifts that means the most. These gifts will last a long, long time, and will continue to make me smile as the days are seasoned with friendship across the miles.

I'm filled with gratefulness. Can't wait till my house is filled with a whoosh of the exotic....clouds of spicy oven perfume...woo!!



Sense of Home said...

I love those kinds of surprises.

Glad I found your blog, I have been enjoying it.


Robbyn said...

Thank glad you came by :) Hope to see you again!

small farm girl said...

How nice! That was very thoughtful of your friend.

wardhouse said...

Par-tey at Robbyn's house! =)