Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Stopping in for a quick update...thank you all for your encouragement and for prayers you may have said. :)

A number of factors have all converged to convince me that the best course of action right now is to go forward with a new career course. Transitioning to it is going a little differently than I had previously anticipated, but probably better. Everything toward the new direction is happening so smoothly, it's hard to imagine it going any better. Things related to exiting the old status quo seem to indicate sooner rather than later, so after a lot of thought and consideration, I am going to submit my two week notice.

That's uncharacteristic for me, since I'm the kind of person who will stay way past my "best by" date (ha) in any job whether the job suits me or not...that's how ingrained the loyalty-to-company and work ethic concepts are to me. I'll do this by the book and with no negativity. It's just time. All factors..the hour commute each direction, the expense, the low wages, unavailability of carpooling and public transport options (we have only the one vehicle now), the unpredictability of hours, the night hours, the susceptibility to economic fluctuations with my present job are outweighed by better prospects in EVERY category.

So, it's time to smile, say a prayer of thanks for a pantry in which we've been regularly stockpiling a few things, and thanking my friends here for your wonderful words of wisdom and encouragment.

Thank you!

It's all good...I'm excited, and I've already read through my course materials and am beginning to memorize some of the flashcards with much anticipation.



Mermaid said...

Good luck! Wish I had the courage to make the same move.

Robbyn said...

Hi Mermaid...I peeked at your blog and really like it. I definately am making this move with fear and trembling, except that I'm resolved not to panic and to see it as an opportunity. Thanks for the three cheers :)

Paulette said...

Good wishes coming your way!

I applaud your courage, I don't doubt you have thought it through, and the WORST thing is to stay when it's way past time to go.

Congrats on the decision, I know it will work out.

Wendy said...

Good for you! I knew that you knew what you needed to do, but I agree that the hardest part is taking that first step - committing to the decision to make a change. Change is tough, and often all of the unknowns keep us locked into a rut that's hard to navigate out of.

Opportunity is exactly what it is! Bon chance, and be sure to keep us posted ;).

fullfreezer said...

Ooo, the leap of faith! You've got a great attitude going into this so everything will work out fine. I did one of these once, quit my job and went back to school, mortgage and all. But if you're doing what you truly want, it will all fall into place.
Best wishes.

Alan said...

Wow, Active Transitioning! BRAVE! (It is weird the connections we make through the aether. Almost like chatting with the oracle or the gods...) Best of luck on the new path. DON'T lose the truth of the old one.

Been reading derrick jensen
recomend "walking on water" and "endgame vol 1 and 11"


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