Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rolling Out a Side Blog

I just put up a sister blog in a parallel universe to help me with accountability to myself in the area of health...something related to all things Homestead. Instead of daily check-ins here at the Back Forty blog (which I'll still have as my main site), I'll keep some regular blather there to chart my progress and to get the revitalization of my health chugging more heartily along.

Anyone who'd like to join in with any two cents is welcome! There's no other purpose to it than to keep track of things that are important for me to change and improve in that area. My weight is the highest it's ever been and I don't want my health to deteriorate. And so...I began walking yesterday...a little at a time. Been there, done it plenty of times before...but I have trouble with consistency.

I've been thin and fat and less fat and everything in between. I'm now huge, fatly fat, the woman you dread seeing eyeing the seat next to you in the airplane. I'm not running myself down at fact, I admire the resiliency of my body and our history together, and want to treat it with respect. I don't have a low self-esteem, either...I have a sense of humor and a stubborness I hope will equate to some creative problem-solving to get healthier. If I do the right things long enough, as a lifestyle, I will regain ground in many areas of my health, not just with my weight. I really don't care at this point that much about pant size or the scale...I care about having the best life possible and a long life with my family, especially my husband.

It's time to stop procrastinating the small steps that lead to the big steps in this area. This slow-moving gal will be Waggin' the Fat (er, walking) on a regular basis. Therein lies the raison d'etre for the side blog, which I now dub Talkin' the Walk...(a little twist on an old phrase and a place to "weigh in" on getting healthier -- which will include regular walking -- and talking about it)

I'm still continuing the Back Forty! And I thank my wonderful friends here for your AWESOME and encouraging comments on the last few posts...what a delight to have such a great community out here! I read every comment and will respond as soon as I have time to do them justice :) Thank you!

More later...


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Country Girl said...

Good idea to start a exercise blog, it helps us stay accountable. My friends and I have one too if you ever want to peep in or join.