Friday, June 27, 2008

Quite A Week

First of all, I'm loving my blog friends! Thank every one of you who have commented on this past week's posts for your wonderful insights and is very appreciated! I want to do justice in responding, and will try to do so over the weekend, probably on Sunday. Thank you for being such wonderful friends!!

I was delighted to hear that two of my wonderful blog friends, Kathie from Two Frog Home and Jess from Practical Nourishment actually were able to meet...what a treat, and how neat that they live within visiting distance :) What were the odds that would happen in Montana? I love when that happens in life, especially finding friends in the most unexpected but delightful ways.

This week has been very full for us. It has definately had its ups and downs.

The biggest and hardest-hitting thing was our recieving news of Jack's mom's illness. I don't know if I've mentioned it, since we've not been at the computer this week as much. She is in the advanced stages of an aggressive cancer, and it took our family by surprise. His mother is a remarkable woman with an incredible mind and will of her own. She staunchly made her way in my husband's early years when circumstances would have been daunting, and possibly overwhelming, to the average mother. She has been no average mother. My husband has inherited her backbone and determination to make a better life, and his mother has figured largely into his own life. We are already antipating this great loss, and praying that her last days can be eased. Any prayers you might have to that effect are very appreciated. She has lived a full life, to the age of 95, and has been active up until this latest health crisis, caring for her own husband of advanced age even to the present. She is also one of the most intelligent women you'd meet. We love Mima.

Plans have to be made soon.

The other news was alluded to somewhat in my other blog, and that is the positioning of a couple of family members who are not welcome news in our lives. We'll leave the details out, but they have circled in on Jack's mom now that she is ill in the hopes of financial gain under the guise of being "helpful," but have a long history of having taken advantage of others in similar circumstances by "helping themselves." Understandably, we are not only concerned about Jack's mom's vulnerability, but also she and her husband's safety. These two family members have a history of being violent, but come off as being pussycats when they want something. Again, prayers in behalf of this situation are appreciated.

Jack found termites in Bucketville, our outdoor garden as such. Again, thank you for your great and helpful comments, which I'll respond to this weekend, over this concern. The plants seem healthy enough, and it's been very rainy here...rain nearly every day. We have NO complaints about that! Most of the plants seem to be doing very well, and we have some new additions...of course!...even though we try to limit ourselves from acquiring more plants, we, uh, both have the same addiction to enjoyment in finding news ones we've not tried before, especially if they are marked on sale. I'll post about the new green babies this upcoming week :)

As for my health resolutions, I have lost a little weight, and am still holding. There was some emotional eating (hello, biscuits!) earlier in the week, but those were walked and sweated off at work. I don't mind at all...we've overall adopted a much healthier mindset, and keep tweaking the particulars to better and better habits and foods all along. I'm very happy about that. Our daughter is also doing the same, and it does my heart good to see her eating really great fruits and vegetables as she now is preparing many things on her own as a young adult. She continues to maintain a very demanding schedule as a new nurse, and is doing a terrific job...she really cares about and for her patients and is going forth carefully and a bit wiser into life now that she's finding out about that big "world out there." We sure love her! She has gained confidence and also has been conferring with Jack for advice on things never yet (in her young life) maintenance, insurance, safety issues, job, finances, etc.

We're never far away from the subject of the anticipated homestead on acreage...yes, I know the song gets old, we repeat ourselves on this a lot. The reasons we're wanting it elsewhere are crucial to our future rather than just being the matter of preferred location. This week we've both been back at the drawing board with future house plans, which is always fun. We've run the gamut from a one-room cabin to drawings that look like a community could move into...ha! The fun part, at least for me, are the dates we have together getting to talk about what we need, what we want, what is easy to build--and fast, both of our ideas as to room locations, and etc etc. If you've ever had your own spouse or sweetheart be your primary catalyst and confidante in things like this, it's very motivating and just plain FUN :) And it makes all the castaway drawings easier to swallow as we both go back to the drawing board, again and again :)

It's now nearly dark, and shabbat draws near. For us, it's a time of rest and time together. Thankfully, we just squeezed in the shopping just in time, whew!

For anyone who follows the tradition Jewish weekly Bible portion, this week's is Parsha Korach, which is Numbers 16:1 through 18:32. It's part of a yearly reading cycle followed worldwide by many folks, so just putting it here. We try to follow along every week, since we're mostly at home with no group to meet with nearby.

We love all our blog and online friends, and thank you for making our lives so much richer...we love reading of your successes and challenges, your funny and serious moments, your thoughts and diversity, your families and friends, animals and plants, and ideas. The sharing here is so important. Even though we've had very little time to sit down and enjoy spare time reading blogs the past couple weeks, we know we'll be here often for inspiration and for friendship touchpoints. We hope to stop in for a hello soon, so don't give up on us :)

Here's to a restful and rejuvenating evening and day tomorrow to you, our friends. And if my sister sees this post, it's her first time to ever see my blog...I love you, sis!! Goodnight for now, and Shabbat Shalom!

I leave you with one of our favorite youtube wind-downs, a peaceful guitar rendition of the song Shalom Aleichem...peace unto you :)


Granny Sue said...

Goodness, Robbyn! I'm behind on my blog reading and catching up with you has taken my breath away. Many prayers and a good long hug for you are on the way.

earth heart said...

Sending prayerful thoughts out for all to ease the current situations and bring comfort and peace.

JoyceAnn said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL , will definitely keep you and your husband in my prayers.

~ Blessings to you Both ~ JoyceAnn

Carolyn said...

Sorry to hear about Jack's Mom My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

edifice rex said...

I will be praying for your family and mom in law. Sounds like Jack is a strong enough man to stand his ground against these 2 family members and look after his mom but my thoughts will be for you in addition. Peace and comfort to your family.

TOCCO said...

As Alway.... my thoughts and prayers are with you! I appreciate your visits, my blog friend! I find you a source of inspriation always! I loved the video... nice and peaceful... I wish for you a peaceful heart tonight!

Robbyn said...

Granny, earth heart, JoyceAnn, Carolyn, Annie, Christina...thank you for your encouragement and prayers. The latest update is that she is still holding on and Jack will be able to visit this week. We're scrambling to get some things in order, and he's become very contemplative and sad at different moments. I'm not sure how to be the best wife at this time, since life doesnt come with an instruction manual for every situation, so I'm just trying to both be helpful and to give some space and respectful solitude. Hard to know what to do...

Twinville said...

Shalom Aleichem to you. What a beautiful song.

I'm so behind catching on on your blog. So much has happened.

I'm glad to hear that things are going well with you and your daugther's health.
And Prayers to your family and MIL for a pain-free merciful remainder of her life. I'm so sorry.

I always enjoy your blog and want to say thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

Country Girl said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Miriam said...

Finally catching up on my blog reading. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. With my grandfather, we had a couple of the "friends" (scavengers) who wanted to "help" (themselves to his stuff). It was an added burden to an already difficult situation. I hope it gets worked out and will pray for your MIL.